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Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   psalm
    Actually in our paper this week under marriage licenses there was a groom named Nicholas Payne...Nick Payne?
  2. by   crysobrn
    We had two new ones last week... Steele and the last name also started with an St so it seemed even more odd to me. And the other was Halen, we named the baby we lost Halyn since I thought I'd never hear it at the playground... well apparently it'll be out there anyway uggh.
  3. by   lvnandmomx3
    Quote from cassioo
    On one of the Judge shows today the lady's name was Candida made me think of yeast.
    And there is a male hispanic version Candido.
  4. by   elanddeenrs
    Quote from rph3664
    I recently heard about a baby named Angel Nevaeh, but let's cut the parents some slack because she lived just 3 days.


    we've had several of the heaven-spelled-backwards lately...
  5. by   VTBabyNurse
    we had a patient say her baby's name was savannah because that was "heaven spelled backwards."...sigh.
  6. by   Designer NP
    Seriously, What's wrong with the name "Nevaeh"? Other than its popular now. It's kinda cute.
  7. by   rph3664
    Quote from NurseCutie
    Seriously, What's wrong with the name "Nevaeh"? Other than its popular now. It's kinda cute.
    I have no idea where it came from; its most common pronunciation is "neh-vi-ah."
  8. by   PetuniaRN
    Having come from South Carolina, I witnessed loads of -let's be honest-AWFUL names for the kiddies. Here is a list of my faves! (BTW, these are all true)

    Shithead(e) :This is pretty common-pronounced "shhaa-theede"
    Twins named Oranjello and Lemonjello : pronounced "O-ron-gillo" & "Luh-mon-gillo)--after orange jello and lemon jello
    Hairbrane Foster
    Chicken Durham:this one sounds like dinner!
    Maryjane Roach
    Vagina: this one is pronounced "Vah-geena" and pretty common
    Vanilla Bean
    Baby Girl

    I am seriously loving my parents right now...and I know they love me cuz they didn't do that to me!!:heartbeat

  9. by   Baby1nurse
    Oh, Boy! What a great thread! I have seen some real doozies in my 20 years. When I first started in OB we used to just write the sex of the baby and last name of the mother (male smith, etc.) On one ID card we wrote the name Female Jones. The mother thought that we named her daughter for her and put Female (fee mal ee) Jones on the birth certificate! Another time we had twins - Twin A and Twin B - same thing with that mother - she named her twins Twina (twin uh) and Twinb (twin buh). Another mom named her son Justin but she gave him a middle name of Credible - Just incredible! One of the girls I work with named her son Michael Jordan because her husband creates web sites and, when someone starts to become famous, he creates a web site with that person's name (MichaelJordan.com). When Michael Jordan filed a law suit against him, he said that he only created the site because his wife was pregnant and that was going to be the baby's name. So they named him Michael Jordan which is his entire first name. They also have a daughter named Briar Rose (entire first name) because she was conceived in Disney and Briar Rose was Sleeping Beauty's real name. Go figure. We have a lot of Precious, Heavenly, Devine, etc. :chuckle
  10. by   $MIKE$
    No matter how pretty you pronounce it, it still reads Ganaria......
    (gon-a-ri-a)????????????? hmm..........
  11. by   nrsang97
    An old muder case was mentioned on the news today. Victim's name was : Malice Green.
  12. by   psalm
    Quote from nrsang97
    An old muder case was mentioned on the news today. Victim's name was : Malice Green.
    Yes! I remember vaguely that case, near Detroit, right? Or was that Saginaw?
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  13. by   joyflnoyz
    Detroit- 2 cops did what they were taught to do, and ended up serving prison sentences