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just had a unique baby name the other week....thought i'd share, and hope to continue this thread from earlier.... "strange baby names": strawberry :roll (thank goodness this was changed by the... Read More

  1. by   Mimi2RN
    We have a poor baby by the name of "Unique". Mom said she had a middle name that she wanted to put on the birth certificate (hopefully too late). "Destiny" so she is Unique Destiny. As far as I can see, her destiny is to have a baby when she is in her teens, and that's not unique!

    We were talking about strange names (and mothers). Who could name a child Stephanie but spell it "Steffenknee". I'm sure that child has been teased.

    We also have had twin girls Stormy and Breezy, and their temperaments went with the names.
  2. by   Jolie
    I just read a "Happy Ad" in our local paper wishing "Happy Birthday" to twin brother and sister, Larry and La'marijuana. I thought I'd heard them all!
  3. by   yougohelen
    Had a patient that always came into the office named.. Are you
    ready for this?? Harry Dick. Swear its TRUE!! THe girls in the office
    used to try to get each other to call his name. It was hysterical
    laughter and tearseverytime he came in.
  4. by   Mithrah
    My old job was a bill collector and I had to ask for a Harry Butts.

    I even called for a Jesus and pronouced it Gee-sus...the lady laughed at me and said Jesus had died and went to heaven. She then corrected me on the proper pronunciation of "Hay-Seus".

    I have heard of a Star Bright.
    My cousin named her daughter Asia.
    My boyfriend works with a Richard (Dick) Cox.
    My Grandpa's name is Burton, the other is Burnise.
    My Grandma's name is Valora.
    My mom's name is Trudy.
  5. by   Evie
    Mithrah, I know a girl whose last name was "Poke".. she's a professional vocalist, and obviously didn't like the sound of her surname being announced.. so she changed it to "Cox"
  6. by   Scavenger'sWife
    I named my daughter Tanya Lynn. Then three years later my sister had a daughter and named her Vanessa Lynn. (She said she forgot Tanya's middle name.) THEN: two years later Sis had another daughter and named her Michelle.......LYNN!!!! We sound like a buncha in-bred hillbillies. Sis' excuse was she wanted the to sisters to have a "bond". (My second child was a boy and I did NOT name him "Lynn"!!!)

    Someone mentioned the name "Easter"....I had a Great Aunt who was born on Easter Sunday and was named "Easter May". People always wanted to call her "Esther" and it would make her mad!

    I also had wierd W.Va. names in my family: uncles who were brothers: Otmer, Chalmer, Oakey.

    Also had an uncle we called "Uncle Pud" (pronounced like "pudding" w/o the ing).
  7. by   AngelGirl
    This is from my friend, Raziki:

    My Mississippi family had 5 sons. First born Ramon Huston Milo Gross,
    next Taswell Ford Gross,
    third was Thomas Jefferson Gross, Jr.,
    Lester Paul Gross (my Dad)
    then the baby, Joseph Langston Gross.

    Yes, I have a whole GROSS family!!!
  8. by   hope2banurse
    Couldn't believe it when I met my ex-husbands sister for the first time. She introduced me to her three girls Misty, Stormy and Wendy.
  9. by   nrw350
    Originally posted by AngelGirl
    scrubs 70... (I went to school with a Chastity Belt)

    I was refering to THAT BELT you were wearing ! :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle
    hmm, I wonder if they too were named for where (or in this case thru) they were concieved? lol. Just a thought!
  10. by   KeniRN
    OK. Having worked in a children's hospital doing registrations for several years (prior to getting my RN) I have come accross MANY "unique" names. Where to begin...
    Mother gave birth to twins at the adult hospital down the street and the babies were transferred to us but weren't named yet. The nurses had their isolettes labeled "Twin A" and "Twin B". Mom thought the nurses named her babies and thats what she put on their birth certs "Twina" and "Twinb"--Not kidding.
    A family of 6 girls are seen in one of our outpt clinics. All named after cars: Porscha, Lexus, Infiniti, Celica, Corsica and Audi, Oh, and a baby on the way.
    Girl in another dept, first name Toia, last name Lett.
    Many, many other names such as... Philadelphia (for a girl), Aquanette, Shithead (pronounced Shi-theed) - that just should not be allowed!
    Nevaeh (boys and girls) - Heaven backwards, Lamaj and Semaj - also backwards.
    I wish some people would just really think before naming their kids. To think what they will have to endure growing up,'cause we know some kids can be sooo cruel...
  11. by   Spidey's mom
    I know two little boys named Sterling and Steel.

    My mom had Maud Ellen all picked out for me and then heard the name Stephanie . . .she had never heard it before and thank goodness chose it instead of Maud.

    I worked with a CNA named Happy Star.

    My sister's daughter is Deja Rae . . . . my sis isn't a great speller and spelled it Dasha on the birth certificate by mistake.

    My son goes to school with a Riley Tel and he is called Tel.
  12. by   Garde-Malade
    I went to High School in Florida with a girl named LaTrina. And, actually lived next door to a Justin Case. My little boy's middle name is Scottish Gaelic, it is Tiernan -- pronounced Tee-ir-nan. A little unusual, but my husband and I both fell in love with the way it sounded with his "whole" name: Connor Tiernan Douglas.
  13. by   BearLV
    My best friend in high school was Kassia, pronounced Cash-a. Her sisters were Alina and Sean.

    I went to school with a girl named Sunshine Day. She had a sister with a normal name - I think it was Lisa or something. I always felt bad for Sunshine, being the one to get the strange name.

    Had a patient a while back whose last name was Butts. Used to work at a nursing home where one of the residents last name was Tit. If that was me I would definitely change my name - I mean I can't imagine going through life as Mrs. Tit!