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Whats the oldest mom you have seen deliver successfully? I had a pt this past weekend who was in for Rhogam and a glucose tolerance who just turned age FIFTY in December!!!!!!... Read More

  1. by   caroladybelle
    Ya'll are giving me hope, that I could still have a baby at 38.

    Now, if I can find a sperm donor..........
  2. by   bagladyrn
    I got a really big laugh with a lady in her late 40's who had 3 previous children, girls 19, 18, and 16. She told me: We're really happy now, but after all the lectures I've given my girls, do you know how hard it was to tell them Dad and I had an oops?"
  3. by   mark_LD_RN
    Originally posted by caroladybelle
    Ya'll are giving me hope, that I could still have a baby at 38.

    Now, if I can find a sperm donor..........
    those are easy to find depends on how picky you are
  4. by   deespoohbear
    My Mom is 57 and if she had a baby at that age I don't know who we would have to commit first, her or my Dad.... I think my Mom would be in the CCU along with Nancy.....

    Seriously though, will these parents who are having babies when they are 50 or 55 be around to see these children raised to adulthood? 40 or even 45 I can reasonably fathom, but 55? I just wonder if we aren't going to have a generation of kids whose parents have died when they were teens....I suppose I am opening a can of worms with this....
  5. by   ayemmeff
    My friend's husband worries about this Deespoohbear,he's 52 and their son is 8.
    Her answer is that NONE of us know for sure that we'll be here to see our babies grow up.
  6. by   Dr. Kate
    The oldest was the 61 year old who lied about her age at the fertility clinic. That dad, I think he was 65, was so happy he just floated dwon the halls. A few months ago there was a follow up in the paper, the little girl is 4 or 5 now, doing well. I wouldn't even think about it but that family was so very, very happy.

    My Mom was 37 when I was born. That was in the 40s when 37 wasn't just old, it was ancient. My Dad was 48.

    As far as not being there long enough. My Mom's mother died when she was 8. You have your parents as long as you have them. The time is a gift.
  7. by   Cindy_A
    My grandmother was 45 when my mom was born 73 years ago at home. Mom turned out just fine. I guess there's hope for me at age 44!
  8. by   sanakruz
    I had my last at 38. It was abreeze, really.
    "older" mom's more at risk for gestational diabetes.
    My best friend had her last one at 43- She had a section and the sx nicked her bladder.Thought she was going to be a goner because of the remoteness of the place. But she pulled through.
    (it was in Old Harbor Alaska on Kodiak Island)
  9. by   caroladybelle
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  10. by   caroladybelle
    I had a pregnancy test a short time ago....prior to gamma globulin and rabies vaccination.

    I told them that there was no need......I couldn't be pregnant...... the ER MD insisted though....

    Can't have the Disease if you haven't been exposed lately.....

    Talk about adding insult to the rabies bite wasn't bad enough...

    Maybe I should call up those Kinky Kops at the Naughty Nurse site
  11. by   kids
    Don't ya love it...I had an 'them' INSIST I have a pregnancy test before anything else when I ended up in the ER with incredible sudden onset abd pain (couldn't even walk).

    Hello! what part of total-abdominal-hysterectomy-in-1996 do you not understand?

    (turned out to be adheisions from the TAH)
  12. by   bagladyrn
    Just a comment here re: mandatory pregnancy test (not the one after a tah). I worked with an ER doc who believed the mid 40's woman who said she "hadn't been exposed" (stated regular periods and no intercourse in the past year) ordered an abdominal x-ray for severe pain - tech came out and said "Doc, you need to see this". Bingo - perfect x-ray of a term fetus!
  13. by   mother/babyRN
    Not so long ago I had a troubled teenager walk in and insist she was having some contractions...She was a big girl and told me she thought she was about 5 months or so. She wasn't sure. So, I check her abd and it seems to have a little pouch. Put her on the monitor and get no fh....Check with the fetone, for quite some time and call the doc, who tells her after a sve that her cx doesn't show signs of being pregnant..She is adamant and we do an us, which shows nothing. She continues to insist and becomes hysterical....Then, of course, we have to call a psych consult..Her poor boyfriend was crushed....But, I have to say that in the long run, I hope the fact that she wasn't works out for the best for both of them. She was cursing me bigtime and I was just happy we didn't have a fetal demise....Was kind of a weird night all around...