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I've been a nurse for >25 years. I have a BSN, a MLS, and a PhD in Library and Information Science. I am an owner and the editor of RNdex. I am the occ. inadequate pet parent of a dalmation and a collie. One of these days I may get organized.

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  1. Dr. Kate

    an assignment.

    You might want to check your state's nurse practice act for the details of what constitutes RN practice. There should also be a board for the LVN/LPN group. There's a lot of hearsay that goes on among nurses regarding what they are and are not responsible for, your nurse practice act will clarify that for you.
  2. Dr. Kate


    Logic, not symbolic that's math, but from the Philosophy dept. can be fun and it really does teach you how to think. History of Religions can also be fun and gives some insight into the way other people think about what's important in life.
  3. Dr. Kate

    Anyone with Masters Degree

    Have two, one in Religion aND one in Library Scirnece. Starting a 3rd, MSN in Education, in the fall. Glutton for punishment or just like school, take your pick.
  4. Dr. Kate

    Working as a team

    Back in the dark ages when I was a new RN a very wise supervisor told me that the CNAs knew more about taking care of patients than I would ever know and that I would be well served to listen to them. I took her words to heart and in the process those CNAs taught me to be a nurse and a good charge nurse. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for being the great care givers and teachers you have been to me.
  5. Dr. Kate

    Relocating to California.

    Also, a great chance to go back to school. But parking is really a nightmare at UCLA and expensive. I think it's a bit lower than at Cedars-Sinai, but that's not saying much. Have fun.
  6. Dr. Kate

    Bad Eyesight

    Heavenly blue, if perfect eyesight was required we'd never get any new nurses. As long as you can see well enough, somehow, to be safe and are careful, come on down. And welcome aborad, it's a great ride.
  7. Hard to tell. Within both corporations I work for the individual hospitals specify the length of new grad orientation. One has a standardized framework for the didactic, but total length is up to the facility and always negotiable depending on the individual new grad.
  8. Dr. Kate

    Job Satisfaction Rating

    This week about 4.5. But I'm tired and feel I am not contributing much to anything. I do computer based education and coordinate our new grad program.
  9. Dr. Kate


    If you find yourself not studying effectively in a group, bow out. You may do better on your own. Only you can decide that. I know I found study groups just raised my anxiety level without adding to my information stores. Good Luck.
  10. Dr. Kate

    Nursing Week B.S.

    One place I worked gave different trinkets to the licensed and unlicensed nursing employees. I thought that was nasty. The worst I've seen in recent memory was a "gift" of a small box of candy that was 3 pieces of hard candy. Didn't bother to even pick it up--not worth the time to go after it.
  11. Dr. Kate

    School loans....

    While I am not sure if the loan payback programs increase loyalty but we have noted in my facility if a new nurse can tolerate the old nurses for 2 years, they stay forever, or until they get married and move far, far away. We have also noticed that with new grads there is an almost universal period of time about 9-14 months in that they feel stupid, incompetent and ready to bail. If they can get past that period, their self confidence starts to improve and they settle in as nurses and make decisions based on something other than their feelings of incompetence. Here we tend to be for anything that keeps new grads here long enough to get through that period.
  12. Dr. Kate

    Who is REALLY GOOD with needles?

    Like my Mom before me I have chronically cold hands. I think that helps distract people from what I'm doing. But really it's a matter of practice, practice and more practice. And some people are just born with a good touch.
  13. Dr. Kate

    Dilemma about internship. HELP

    I suspect you ANM wants you to come to her unit as a new grad and is afraid she'll lose you to Ortho. Stick to your plan. Not only will you be a better nurse for the extra experience you get, you'll be practicing standing up for what you want and know is best for you. Congradualtions for being selected for the internship.
  14. Dr. Kate

    2 Nurses needed???

    Sometime in the late 80s thought was that if we taught patients to give themselves their own insulin and not double check that there was no reason for nurses to double check. Well, times change, things happen (sentinel incidents) and what looked like "old school" practice becomes standard practice again. I have worked places where insulin, heparin, dig, and a few other things were double checked and documented. Here and now, the double check is done but there is no documentation. In Peds, Nsy, NICU they double check all drug calculations. It does make sense. With medication errors being a national patient safety issue, better safe than sorry.
  15. Dr. Kate


    I've taken yoga in the past and wish I could work it into my schedule. I highly recommend it--great for flexibility, stress reduction, and it helped firm up some of the losse jiggly parts. I also felt stronger and more energetic. I use a pad designed to be used under a sleeping bag.
  16. Dr. Kate

    Teacher considering Nursing school

    You might want to volunteer on a peds unit. Sick kids are a world of different from well ones. And sick kids come with parents that frequently are there 24/7 (as well they should be.) There were some suggestions about other paths in teaching. A lot of the members of my library school class had been teachers in another life. Consider consulting a career counselor, they can help you sort out what you want and your options. Good luck