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Hi, I just started an accelerated BSN program, and my lab instructor recommended that we go out and get a "GOOD" stethoscope, spending about $100. This caused a little debate among my classmates... Read More

  1. by   Annabelle57
    Mine is a Littmann lightweight II S.E. - cost me $38 plus s & h from It has worked just fine for me, but if I had the money, I would probably go for the Cardiology III. I'll probably upgrade for Christmas or closer to graduation.

  2. by   grims_mom
    Does anyone know of a good place for replacement earpieces? I have little ears I guess because the earpieces on the Littman really hurt and I dread using it. I've been looking on line with no good results. Thanks!
  3. by   LanaBanana
    I went to a local store here and just told them I wanted to try out a bunch of them. She was very helpful and pulled out all different kinds/price ranges and let me try everything. She even offered me her arm to let me do her BP so I could see if I could hear. To me, that's the best way to get the one that works for YOU.
  4. by   jb2u
    i have an ultrascope with my name engraved on it. it works great and is one of a kind. my adult head is a bass fish jumping out of the water and my pedi head is a monkey holding a banana (bought from it can cost around $75 for one head, but i got the dual head adult & pedi plus engraving on each so it came to $170. yes, alot, but it works great and everyone comments on it.

    i agree with alot of other posters. everyone is different and a cheaper one may be fine for you. my school actually doesn't even suggest that you go out and by an expensive one until after you graduate. i plan on graduating so i went ahead and bought one i really like!

    good luck,
  5. by   land64shark
    I have a $15 cheapo and just completed my first semester. It was recommended by the instructors to NOT buy an expensive scope as they have a habit of getting lost and the cheap ones would be fine for our purposes. Well, I'm buying a new one before the next semester begins. I couldn't hear squat with the cheapo and the ear pieces hurt me.
  6. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Quote from Mel_RN in 08
    I had a $100.00 stethoscope and couldn't hear diddly with it. I bought a 25.00 Sprague(sp) and can hear a lot better. I think it just depends on the person.
    Same here. I'm going to sell my Littman, and keep the cheapies.
  7. by   tookewlandy
    I am looking on and Lifeuniform for stethescopes and blood pressure cuffs. I cannot afford a Littman or whatever right now, i really do not want to go over $30 if i have to i will pay $40. Has anyone boughten a stethescope cheap at allheart or anywhere else, if so what kind, how is it etc. would or what would you reccomend. Thanks in adavance,

  8. by   HeartsOpenWide
    My recommondation. Save up a little longer, your not going to get a very good steth for that price. Cheapies are ok for B\P if you have taken them for a long time, but I would not depend on a cheapie for listening to respirationa dn heart sounds.
  9. by   4U2Bblessed
    Check out Ebay... good prices too!
  10. by   NaomieRN
    Allheart has better price than eBay. It is worth it to spend a little more to help your patients.
  11. by   nursein08
    Allheart actually has a Littmann Lightweight II S.E. for $37.99. I think I'll probably get this one cause I've heard some good things about it.
  12. by   tookewlandy
    i actually bought one from Nurse Mates(still from it has a little clock on the end and i think that may come in handy cause i hate to wear watches, which by the way do they make you wear watches in nursing school? Anyhow, it was on 27.99 it was actually on sale from like 36-37, when i seen it i knew it was for me, i think i will be able to do good by my patients with it. I also got bandage scissors and Blood pressure cuffs. My school told us to get Of course Uniforms, bandage scissors, name pin, stethoscope, But they did not tell us to get blood pressure Sphygmomanometer(sp) but i want to ask you people if you had to have one for school?

    Tomorrow is my B-day and now that i think about it i told me mom to get me a littman for school, and i think i may have just wasted money buying my own, and i think allheart will not cancel the order. Ohh well ill have 2.
    I cannot believe i am gonna be 26 years old, wow they were right, after you turn 21 time just flies.

  13. by   CityKat
    I got my BP cuff through them on sale for $10 and I bought my LIttman which is HIGHLY recommended for $75. Believe me, it's worth it. We are all students and all short on cash. But my friend bought a cheapie and throughout assessment and last semester in med surg clinical, she was always wanting to borrow mine to listen to the heart and lung sounds. has great deals