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  1. Class of 2010 (starting nursing school in Fall 2008)

    That is amazing to me...I can't understand the wait!
  2. North Lake/El Centro - Fall '06!

    Are you guys in the chat tonight?
  3. First clinicals

    Wow, you were lucky Mom...our instructors made us hand write everything!
  4. Websites...

    thanks...these are great!:monkeydance:
  5. Websites...

    thanks...these are great!:monkeydance:
  6. Just passed the NCLEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Weekly Nursing student chats?

    Sounds good to me too!
  8. stethoscopes

    Check out Ebay... good prices too!
  9. Getting scared

    I was really scared about the math too. Surprisingly enough it was much simpler than I thought. If they teach dimensional anaylisis (forgive my spelling)...do it. It is much easier! If you need help...let us know!
  10. First clinicals

    Get your sleep...you'll need it. If your anything like me...I am a night person and being at the hospital at 6 am was tuff!
  11. Tonight! Nursing Student Chat!

    :) You have to wait 90 seconds between posts...this may take awhile...
  12. Tonight! Nursing Student Chat!

    Maybe I can make it if I keep on posting...ha!
  13. Tonight! Nursing Student Chat!

    What's up with the 15 posts to be able to chat?
  14. North Lake/El Centro - Fall '06!

    Hey guys...Congrats on the beginning of your new career! I am going into my 2nd semester at NCTC (North Central Texas College) in Gainesville. So, we aren't to far from each other. If I can help in any way....let me know! Good Luck!
  15. Introductions:"New" and "Old" Students.

    hi. my name is natalie and i am 30 years old. i am going into my second semester in an adn program. boy am i glad first semester is over! i have a husband and a 18 month old little girl that is my pride and joy!