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Hello all,

I am new to the world of nursing forums, but this was suggested by another classmate so here it goes. I am in my final semester of nursing school. I have been in this program for 2 years, with A's and B's, up until this 1 class. I have taken critical care this semester and will finish next week with another A-. My medsurg instructor is a great person, but cannot teach. Multiple students including myself are not doing well, and when concern is expressed to our university administration that the content being taught doesn't match with the exams, we are told, "Eh, some people are going to fail, that's what happens". This is not an acceptable response to those of us who haven't struggled this much in previous semesters. We have a cohort of students who have been top performers in other classes with much harder than the material we are learning about in medsurg, and they are struggling. We are supposed to graduate in June and are not being heard. This instructor also, used the same psych PowerPoint to lecture off from another instructor, told us not to study the PowerPoint she lectures off of, had us write our final exam questions on the board, tell us when we needed to be studying but then didn't test us on any of that information, and changed our course resources before our last exam, but didn't share that with us until after the exam. I feel like no one is hearing what we are saying. I am not one to complain, but this is not right. 

Does anyone have insight on what we could do next? We have already gone to the course coordinator and the person above her, who is the one running statistics on the exams and were brushed to the wayside. 

Any advice is appreciated! 

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Go to the Dean.  Reputable nursing schools want a very low failure rate - they want everyone to graduate.  I suggest a group of you make an appointment with the Dean.  Bring supporting materials.  Stay calm.  

Good luck.

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