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  1. z track injections

    Vistiril(sp) given Z track
  2. Many RN's administer IV meds wrong.

    I am a new RN to, But when I was in school( a few months ago lol) We were taught hat when you give an IVP med, You time the follow flush as well, so if you give lasix over at least 2 min you should flush at least 2 min after you give the med, Another...
  3. Please... I Need Encouragement

    We just took the HESI exit as well, Unless you have to have a certain score to graduate don't study for it. It is supposed to gauge how well you do on NCLEX and what areas you need to refresh your knowledge in. I got a 996, 94.78 conversions score a...
  4. Finally Done

    wow, i cant believe that jan of 2006 i was worried about getting any nursing program and here i am a graduate nurse. i just want to thank all nurses and it's members for so much support, this community is amazing! i still have along way to go, with t...
  5. Careplan help: pathophysiology for ortho pt

    You need a med-surg book. When i was in Fundamentals we had to get our careplans and patho info from our Med Surge book( only time we used it in Fundamentals was to do care plans) I'm sure there are other texts you can use like Patho books etc but I ...
  6. triage in PA

    I have heard ( and of course the infomation i recieved could be wrong) that LPN's in PA cannot do triage, something about assessment and that not being in their scope of practice.
  7. Assessment of the Critically Ill Patient

    Check the CD that came with your Med/Surge or critical care books, My Med surge book had some pictures of Hypoxic pts
  8. I Started An Iv!!!1 (sort Of)

    The same situation happened to me last week in the ER, accept that my first one did not end up getting in at all. After that, i realized I went to deep, refocused. and then I was able to start them the rest of the day, I unsuccessfully started the fi...
  9. NG tube insertion

    I was taught that Ng tube insertion was not a sterile procedure
  10. LTC environment boring and unstimulating!

    Just a side note, I started my ICU/Critical care rotation the other day and almost every patient was a senior citizen, and a lot were from LTC facilities. So you will come across that population alot it seems unless you are in PEDS/maternity etc. But...
  11. Being Evaluated on a Physical Assessment

    I used to think( and still do sometimes) how am i gonna remember everything to for a physical assessment. but if you really take it in a head to toe approach and think of it as parts instead of a whole( not the pt the actually skill of physical asses...
  12. I am taking these courses this semester( each 5 week individual courses, so its going be jammed packed and difficult) Was wondering if anyone had any resources they would suggest for each one( books, websites, etc) I start with critical care. Thanks ...
  13. License

    I think i have heard that you can apply to take the NCLEX in any state as long as you apply to the BON(state) you choose to work in. Is this true?? Like if I go to school in PA and i wanted to move to ohio when im done with school, while i am finishi...
  14. to get hired as a new grad...gpa requirements?

    I have never heard of any place asking about and hiring based on GPA. Is this standard in the nursing workforce, should we newbies expect this?
  15. What errors where they because i bought that book( if its the one y Ann curren) and i loved it.