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Hey all~ I am doing research for a line of scrubs and would like to find out what nurses like/ dislike about their uniforms. I am a fashion design student that recently spent some time in the... Read More

  1. by   morte
    a gusset in the inner thigh area, would help deal with the wear thru issue...the fabric runs with the grain horizontal instead of vertical, so the rub of walking is with the grain not against....BUT this is not an easy sewing skill. would add to the cost..
  2. by   Altra
    Quote from RNsRWe
    Fabrics? How about something TASTEFUL for a change? I don't wear cartoon characters. I'm not a seven year old; I don't like the latest tv show on my top. I don't like gigantic patterns that no one would EVER wear on clothing outside of nursing. Ever. I'd like to find patterns that I'd be inclined to wear in the REAL world! People will know I'm their nurse because of my huge ID tag, the fact that I've introduced myself and have a scope slung around my neck. Why do I have to dress like bad artwork?

    Thanks for asking!
  3. by   Mumma
    i'm so glad someone is asking this question!

    why are all scrubs v-necked?? those of us who have an above average chest size are flashing the patient. a rounded neckline would be great!

    tagless would be a bonus!

    i'm glad you're doing well.

  4. by   msrosanikki
    I'm a student and have to wear white pants. I would like for them to NOT be see-through.
  5. by   UM Review RN
    The thing that irks me the most about scrubs is how un-identifiable we are when we wear them.

    So I would like (in addition to lots of pockets) a solid color scrub top that has RN in REALLY BIG letters across the back with a nursing symbol like the nurse's lamp or a cap or a caduceus.

    Like this (click on the back view of the T-shirt):

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  6. by   sfc123
    Thank you for asking for our imput.

    As a taller gal with not much butt, I find most scrub pants to be far too baggy in the bottom. I buy my pants from S.C.R.U.B.S because they offer (in my opinion) the best constructed pants with features I want such as:

    Hemmed inseams to 34".
    Waistband with elastic and a drawsting, with belt loops to hook keys onto.
    Deep sideseam inset pockets, back patch pocket.
    Variety of leg openings and rise options.
    Deep muted colors.
    High quality fabric that does not loose its shape and withstands years of washings and use.

    Please note that tall does not equate to wide. Offer pants in a lean and tall fit.

    Please design a scrub top with a v-neck that does not expose cleavage each time one bends over. I wear a tank top undershirt daily so that the patients don't get a peep show.

    Add slits to the side seams to facilitate movement and ease any bunching around the hips and don't make them so boxy. Add some darts or shaping to the tops. We're not all cube-shaped. Two large patch pockets so that we could stash flushes, tape, forceps, sharpies, etc.

    Make the tops longer. The cropped look is cute, but any nurse who works 12 hours reaching, bending and moving patients knows that cropped mini tops aren't practical.

    In my pants pockets I carry a palm pilot, scissors, alcohol swabs, pens, cell phone and lip balm.

    Good luck with your project.

  7. by   UM Review RN
    Oh, one more thing-- I like the pants that have an elastic waist but also have a string tie so they'll stay up better when the pockets are stuffed.
  8. by   joyflnoyz
    Wide elastic waistband (I HATE drawstrings!!)
    Side pockets: don't have much use for cargo pockets; always feel like my pants are being pulled downwards.
    Length? I'm right at 5"4"- too tall for petit size and "regular" is too long.
    More rounded necklines- I agree with the gaping bodice!

    More feminine styling: Princess seams or darts. I'm not built like a man

    key and scissor resistant pockets..I get holes poked through every pocket
    OH! and for larger sizes, please keep in mind that a heavier woman DOES NOT necessarily have longer arms or legs
    Most likely you will find each of us has our own preferences and you will unable to please everyone
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  9. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    I'm a nursing student and former cancer patient who spent 13 years working for a major apparel manufacturer so feel I have a lot to say on the subject.....and my number one suggestion would be adding 5% Lycra for stretch.

    I would Improve the quality of the fabric to a wrinkle free brushed cotton with a decent weight so it's not see thru.

    A wide band knit "boxer" style waist band that went all around, or a half elastic half zipper pant style with belt loops for those that like to hang things off belt loops. At the very least a half elastic model is a must as staying comfortable and going to the bathroom fast are priorities over pant like fit.

    LOTS of usable pockets--like a pen light pocket on the sleeve.
    Little pockets (for alchohol) on top of pockets at the sides of a smock like top would be high on my list. Might be nice to have one pocket have a zipper closure for things that tend to slip out. Extra lining on the pocket meant for pens. A hidden/inner pocket for personal items might be nice. Cargo pockets are a must on pants. An inner pocket along a square neckline might be nice for those that need reading glasses...or it could be an extra place to put a pen. I would definitely go for more creative/novelty pocket design if I were designing scrubs.

    Long sleeves would have knit banded cuffs so that you can pull them up to your elbows and the sleeves would stay there for hand washing.

    Colors should be Greyish Blues and Greens slightly richer than a pastel hue (light but not so light that stains show). Would be nice to do a bi-tonal top with the pants being the darker tone. For short sleeve styles, have a matching knit long sleeve to wear underneath in the lighter tone which would allow for coordinated layering options.

    Darting or back ties for female forms. Not such a deep V neck for males--my favorite nurse was a short but wide male who also happened to be very hairy....his shirts hung down so low--probably to accomodate his wide frame--and I really didn't like seeing all that hair and tummy while he was bent down trying to access my port.

    Something with a simple RN caducus logo would be cute--sort of like the "Baby Phat" logo but the staff/snakes instead.
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  10. by   Patient_Care_Asst
    What's a srub a new IV therapy?

    Well anyways I like the old school dentists tunic style of white nursing uniform with the rounded collar (like a priest or something) and metal snaps going across the front of your chest. Yes, I actually had to wear one of these ridiculous looking things at one time. No wonder people kept calling me "doctor" lol Brings back memories of the Bob Newhart show.

    Did anyone else ever have to wear these things?

    My Best.
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  11. by   HeartJulz
    Great topic!
    I finally found a super comfy top made my Cherokee that has 'flexi' sides on the scrub tops and its a dri weave sorta fabric.. super super nice .. because all the cotton makes me feel like Im wearing a straightjacket all day and esp when I got to pull it over my head , straightjacket! So I bought two of them only to find out that the pockets arent the straight up and down pockets but a sling like pockety smiliar to hoodie jackets.. Im so bummed but the comfort of the top over powers the pockets because then I just wear my lab coat over.. I love the low rise waist because I can not stand elastic around my stomach... so the low rise is perfect w the flare bottoms... and when will they ever invent white scrub pants that really arents SEE THRU! no matter how much they promise they arent, THEY ARE!!! So Ive even worn skin colored undies to off set to see if it works.. it doesnt so if I wear my white pants I have to make sure I wear a long enough scrub top or just wear my lab coat. Colors my offices have never been strict on so I play it up w a variety love Jascos catalogs... Landau is best ... and the LA rose pants my fav. steth I keep around my neck and I wear sport bras so my bra straps dont show .. since the neck lines are a bit wide @ top .. weird cause I have broad shoulders so I dont knwo why it would be so wide. Also, Im 5'4" 120ish.. have to settle for Xsmall pants.. the smalls are huge... so as long as scrub companies keep ALL Sizes in mind ..
    def. check out the cherokee felxi tops and also theres a new line koi ... they have super stylish pants .. havent tried them on yet but seen them on a nurse I do clinicals w and they are super cute .. but dont knwo about the comfort..
  12. by   stevesf
    I'm a guy, and I dislike the V-neck on every top. Also, almost all of the tops are way too short to tuck in. The only one I've found is the new Grey's Anatomy line that is at least 4 inches linger, and stays tucked in. I'm 5'-10", 185 lbs with a short torso, too.

    The pants I wear I found in school - Landau 8555's. Why is it all the pants for men come in super-long inseams? I have a 30" inseam, so every time I buy pants, and I've tried them all, I have to bring them to the tailor to have hemmed. I carry all the stuff the other nurses mentioned, so my pants do sag down; plus, I don't want my pants dragging bugs from one room to another. A lot of women like these pants, too, because the fabric is heavier and hides their panty outline, especially in white.

    I hate wearing scrubs, anyway, they're like having rumpled pajamas on all day . . .

  13. by   Charge205
    Thanks you for asking our in put on uniforms.. As we all like to look probessional in our jobs. At out facility we can wear any color. My favorite colors are purple,black, green. (What the heck I have most colors except yellow.) lol
    I would like to see a top more rounded necklines. I love Cherokee and Landau. Koi, Baby Phat.
    I go to great lengths to hunt on Ebay for uniforms that are different in color and style than any one else is wearing.
    Baggy pants are out for me. I like form fitting cloths.. I would like pockets on the top a little wider and deeper. I bought a outfit the other day and never put my hands in to the pockets. When I wore it I noticed the pockets are in the front all the way across. I keep losing my things in there lol. I have a top with stretchable fabric on the sides. Very comfortable! I have gotten many comments on it.
    I love the pull string ties. Need a pocket for scissors,Alcholol, pens, small note pad.