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The other day a co-worker strolled in wearing a scrub top festooned with furry, smiling teddy bears. On an adult cardiac floor...REALLY? On various adult units I've seen Looney Tunes, Precious... Read More

  1. by   cardiacmadeline
    Quote from AZO49008
    Professionals should want to dress in a way that says "I expect you to take me seriously as a professional." I'm sorry...you can be the best nurse on the unit, but if you are wearing Tweety scrubs and bright yellow crocs I'm not going to respect you as a professional. I'm going to look at you as a walking, talking example of someone who contributes to the "just a nurse" negative stereotype.
    Agreed. Tweety scrubs and yellow crocs-now that would be quite the outfit!

    Quote from DolceVita
    I tell you what -- when the doctors and pharmacists start wearing cartoon scrubs in adult care settings so will I. I am certainly not going to wear them in a geriatric setting either. They are old not children.
    Maybe there's a reason doctors and pharmacists don't wear cartoon scrubs-they are not professional looking. The pharmacist's at my work are always dressed very nicely. Same with the docs and the dieticians and social workers. They look like health care professionals, not the nurse wearing a sponge bob top. Nurses want to be seen as professional, then start dressing like a member of a professional health team.
  2. by   Sarah010101
    OP, you need some chickens on your scrubs.

    ahahah... sorry this comment just made my day. I would like some chicken scrubs please. Then again i work on peds.
  3. by   eske99
    As a nursing student I totally agree with the original post! We are going through all this schooling and getting geared up to become medical professionals, then we go into the hospital and see someone wearing a goofy Winnie the Pooh scrub top! Takes the prestige right out of you. You think, "Wow, did I really make the same career choice as someone who made that wardrobe choice?"

    I read articles and see interviews all the time about how the nursing profession needs to be more esteemed and respected - and then someone walks by in a Looney Tunes scrub top!!!
  4. by   GadgetRN71
    They don't bother me..I think one of the problems in the nursing profession is the fact that people get hung up on silly things like this. In the OR, I have to wear blue scrubs but we have leeway with cloth scrub hats, jackets and shoes. I have many scrub hats and they have teddy bears, various cartoon charcters and one I call my "pirate" hat, with skulls and crossbones on it. I have more of a problem with unkempt nurses..you know, those who look like they just rolled out of bed, long hair flying everywhere, long and nasty fingernails.

    I believe that patients respond more to professional behavior than to anything else...Oh, and the surgeons and anesthesiologists wear the funky stuff too..I knew an orthopod who wore a bugs bunny scrub hat and no, he didn't do peds. The reason we aren't taken seriously as a group is because we attack each other over the miniscule stuff and don't have each other's backs on the important stuff. Just my 2 cents.
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  5. by   Mike A. Fungin RN
    Cartoons do not inspire confidence.
  6. by   caliotter3
    I just got a compliment on one of my tops yesterday. It made me feel good. And since I don't receive professional wages, I don't worry about "looking" professional. I won't begrudge myself one of the pleasures available to me from my job. Gosh knows, there are so few.
  7. by   ProBeeRN
    "I believe that patients respond more to professional behavior than to anything else..."

    This. If your scrubs are clean, not a wrinkled mess, you talk and act professionally, etc, I think you'll be realized as a professional. Even if you have a silly scrub top.

    If you are wearing solid navy scrubs that look like they sat in the laundry basket for a week, and flick your hair around while popping your gum and gossiping loudly at the nurses station...well, you will be perceived as unprofessional.

    That being said I prefer scrubs with prints, but more subdued ones. My favorite is one with what looks like painted-on (not cartoon) prints of a tropical island. I like to wear it in the dead of winter (in Buffalo NY, with 3 feet of snow on the ground) and tell patients that I'm bringing some sunshine to them. They love it.
  8. by   Lovelee82
    I dont own any cartoon scrubs but I do have a variety of colors. I have gotten tons of compliments from patients/staff on wearing something other than blue, black, grey on our unit (Adult med-surg). They have said that I brighten the place up. I think sometimes it adds to the depression when your nurse is in all black ( there is one nurse on my unit) It can get confusing with so many medical staff in different colors and its nice when folks where different colors if you are looking for them on the busy floor.

    But what about the Docs that wear those ugly ties with cartoons?
  9. by   Cat_LPN
    I think the hospital's uniform requirements are a way of controlling what the OP is complaining of. With-out pointing fingers and creating lots of discrimination drama, they can making sure everyone's uniforms are professional and appropriate. Instead of telling Mary she cannot wear her Winnie the Pooh or Rubber Ducky scrub top in the ICU, they simply enforce a hospital-wide uniform to ensure everyone is the same. I think it looks very neat and professional actually, as long as it's not RED.
  10. by   Cat_LPN
    Quote from AlmostABubbieRN
    I really don't care what other people wear. I can tell you, however, that whites work. They command respect without my even saying a word. I was standing at the nurses' station in a white scrub dress and a man approached me and remarked, "You're obviously the nurse in charge here."

    Don't discount the power of an icon.
    Haha! This is true. However, I'd never risk the whites, I'm FAR too messy.
  11. by   netglow
    Along with the silly cartoon scrubs, you got your army fatigue scrubs and your solid black scrubs. The black scrubs I've seen are usually acc by black nail polish and deep lip gloss and too much eyeliner..... dyed black hair or that strange deep maroon color (what's up with that). OK, got it. You want me to know you are different.
  12. by   locolorenzo22
    I tend to wear hawaiian print tops, interesting patterns...one of my favorite ones that get a lot of comments are a bunch of old muscle cars...also the ones with elvis and hawaian lais....lighten up! not all of us want to be boring and plain colors!
  13. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from nicole109
    i'll throw in my 2 cents, you can spend it or not...but first of all, i think that the hospitals that try to tell you what scrubs to wear to work, is just another way of controlling you! and it's all political bull--whatever happened to knowing who your nurse, tech, housekeeper, food service worker, doctor was because when they walk in the room they say "hi, my name is sally and i'm going to be your (insert title here) today" and yes you say that everytime you walk in and there are new people in the room, i don't care what color your shirt is or what you have in your hands! and #2: i second the person that said that her clinical and critical thinking skills are not affected by what she wears to work! did we or did we not all pass the same nclex? (i know not everyone acts like it), but we are all capable of completing this job, per the state, so who cares if i wear care bears to work or not? maybe that's the way i get through my day knowing that everyone around me is just trying to repress all the political bullcrap that hospitals are throwing in our faces rather than dealing with it head on? you want to people to start dealing with nurses in more of a professional light? how about all of us banding together and getting people to realize that when they come to a hospital it is a hospital and not a hotel and we are there to help them get better and not to wait on them hand and foot, because many of the patients and the management seem to think that's what nurses do now?
    i truly agree that the hospitals who are trying to tell us what to wear are doing it because they want to control us. the more aspects of our lives they control, the less likely we will be to revolt . . .

    i don't know what we can do to convince people that a hospital is not a hotel as long as management keeps insisting that is is a hotel, and that you can "have it your way." press gainey sucks -- i'd love to go back to the days when we had patients, not clients, and it was all about getting them well, not making them happy!