Has anyone bought jaanuu scrubs? Do you like them in comparison to other brands?

  1. I've finally landed a job where I get to wear whatever color/style scrubs I want (yay!). I've always worn Grey's Anatomy scrubs because they fit so well and the material is great. I remember in the past I worked with a girl who wore Jaanuu scrubs and they looked kind of stiff and starchy... I never asked her about them though. Any thoughts?
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  3. by   stephanie.monaco
    I have a few pairs. I do like the boot cut pants and the v neck too. I also have 2 pairs of the pattern skinny pants and 2 tops with a zipper. One on the side of the top and the other top has a zipper in the middle. I hate those tips and style of pants!! Other than just those two styles I love the brand
  4. by   TheRuralNurse
    Stephanie, what's the material like? Is it soft? Or kind of stiff?