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  1. Cath lab duties

    So it's not all that normal for RNs to scrub in place of the CVTs then?
  2. Cath lab duties

    At your cath lab do the nurses scrub, circulate and record or do you use CVT for any roles, mostly have CVTs that do all three roles instead? I'm curious how other labs run.
  3. Cath Lab interview

    Thank you for your help. I actually got the job. I guess the more qualified people all have homes more than 30 minutes away from the hospital so they couldn't qualify. Now I just need to figure out how to prepare as its a busy hospital and they are s...
  4. Cath Lab interview

    Hi I'm trying to get some advice on how to prepare for a cath lab interview. Im a RN with about 7-8 years experience. 5 years in med/surg tele and ICU and about 3 years in dialysis. I really want this job so any info on how to prep would be greatly a...
  5. Tablo

    yes its true hospitals are doing like everyone else and trying to cut cost. I know they are also appearing in Florida
  6. Full time and PRN

    So I'm going to a chronic clinic from acutes but they are asking me about staying PRN in acutes. Does this seem like it would be to much? I'm not sure how the chronic clinic will be with getting hours?
  7. PD and Home hemo nursing interview

    really. that makes me feel even better about it
  8. PD and Home hemo nursing interview

    I didn't get it but I was able to get a job at a chronic clinic. So its something new and not acutes. Im still excited and nervous.
  9. Davita

    thats what they use to have in our area too. But in this part of Florida it changed.
  10. Acute Dialysis Pay

    we get 30 for call during the week. if we come in we get our pay. no extra money other than the 30 dollars. on the weekend its 50. but no shift diff or weekend diff.
  11. Davita

    yeah this really depends. acutes has call and you have to be OK with taking call on major holidays like Christmas. Acutes normally your at 1 nurse to 2 patients unless they are ICU or Iso then its 1:1. chronics im told its 1 tech to 5 patients and yo...
  12. Davita, Chronic Registered Nurse

    yeah if you work acutes you have to take call. rotating Sunday call plus call overnight during the week.
  13. PD and Home hemo nursing interview

    Im very lucky to have a interview for home hemo and PD this week and wanted to ask what kind of questions should I ask during the interview? I have acute care PD/CRRT and Hemo experience in the hospital.
  14. PRN job

    Do any dialysis nurses have a PRN job? If so what kind? Or do you just pick up in other acute care hospitals/clinics with one of the big 2 (whichever one you are working for).
  15. I agree. It's a great experience and it pays more (at least for me) but once you leave acutes it's not something you return to.