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  1. I agree. It's a great experience and it pays more (at least for me) but once you leave acutes it's not something you return to.
  2. wayemika

    PhD Applicants Fall 2020

    PhD in nursing education with capella university. im supposed to start in January
  3. wayemika

    What's the least saturated specialty in APRN?

    Everyone and their mom is getting the PMHNP cert after family these days
  4. wayemika

    PhD Nursing Education

    Do we really have a need for PhD Nursing Education majors? some of my work mates are considering this but wondering if it will lead to employment.
  5. wayemika

    what's the entry salary nowadays for a dialysis RN?

    is this NYC? or like Albany
  6. wayemika

    Work hours per week for nursing instructor?

    I know what Im doing is volunteering in the community to teach in order to gain experience until a position opens.This might be helpful for you.
  7. wayemika

    Capella vs WGU

    WGU is cheaper. I did a MSN through capella. But it did cost me much more than WGU so thats a down side
  8. wayemika

    Capella MSN Leadership FlexPath

    I haven't done flex path but I did a RN to MSN through Capella and felt like it prepared me for working in industry.
  9. wayemika

    RN PAY dialysis

    North Florida 32 a hour
  10. wayemika


    So I Have been working with one of the big 2 for about 7 months now in Acutes and Im starting to feel comfortable with HD thanks to having critical care experience. But Im supposed to be learning PD/CRRT so I can get checked off soon but the training is very inconsistent due to me only being able to train when we have a patient thats on one of those. Do any of you have any times to learn these modalities or books/online material that will help?
  11. wayemika

    Leaving nursing

    If you want to leave nursing take your time and do classes for something different on your off days. Im slowly working on my electrical engineering degree and still working as a nurse giving it everything i have when im on the clock. Doing whatever i can for my patients. Keep that job so you can keep paying your bills/student loan.
  12. wayemika

    Acute care dialysis.

    thats good to know. im new to this so maybe i shouldn't worry about getting hours
  13. wayemika

    Acute care dialysis.

    Do any Acute Care dialysis nurses get a part time job doing something else so they can make sure they always get 36-48 hours a week? Im thinking about doing this to make up the difference. I just started at one of the big two.
  14. wayemika

    Drexel University PMHNP Fall 2018

    Look for drexel PMHNP masters/post masters/DNP/PhD on Facebook. They have a group
  15. wayemika

    Shockingly low NP pay !

    Thats crazy about asking a NP to take a pay cut. but I see many managers saying this. even with PMHNP jobs
  16. wayemika

    what's the entry salary nowadays for a dialysis RN?

    $29-$32 in Florida