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HH_RN13 has 7 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Home health.

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  1. HH_RN13

    Nurse in Germany Convicted of Killing Patients

    The world is just a scary place. Not sure if anyone has heard of Kristen Gilbert, RN who is now serving multiple life sentences convicted of 3 murders while working at a VA hospital, but believed to have killed around 90 patients and caused around 30...
  2. I agree that it should depend on the situation - many times I've taken care of nurses and doctors and learned that no matter who they are it is important to explain everything and not assume they know. I had a cardiac icu nurse for 25 years who said ...
  3. I have also read many horror stories on here. Nursing school is not easy, especially if you've never been in medical field. It all depends on the school you're attending as previously mentioned and most importantly on your instructors. I had some won...
  4. I've ordered them and they are very cute! I am pretty tall and thin, so they didn't quite fit right. I suggest using their size guide to make sure you get the right size. Medium would probably work for you and they are form fitting. As far as the com...
  5. HH_RN13

    Accidental Pill Pusher

    I agree that opioids pose a big risk to people and we as nurses must educate our patients about every medication they are taking and the risks and benefits of each one. And it shouldn't stop at opioids. Too many cases I've seen of patients with liver...
  6. HH_RN13

    Home health supervisor visit for Mississippi LPN

    I work for a small company in Los Angeles. I think they are sending an RN with you because you are new and they want to make sure you are doing everything right. I've had to do that with new hires (LVNs and RNs) when there was a more complicated proc...
  7. HH_RN13

    Home health supervisor visit for Mississippi LPN

    Just wondering what the big deal is that RN will be there on first visit instead of in a month? Some companies prefer to have RN make sure you are following the treatment plan beginning first visit. I've done supervisory visits usually after a month ...
  8. HH_RN13

    Cops and Nurses

    It actually happened to me, I was pulled over for using my phone and the police officer saw me in scrubs and my badge on and let me go with a warning. He actually asked me what I do and said he was glad he didn't give me a ticket. However, next time...
  9. That is just not true....
  10. HH_RN13

    Help with outcome for Myoacardial Infarction

    You are very welcome! I'm always happy to help :-)
  11. HH_RN13

    Help with outcome for Myoacardial Infarction

    Mine is 7th edition not sure if there's a new one that came out. Isbn is 978-0-323-06537-5. My instructor recommended this book when I was in my first semester. Not only does this book have care plans for separate nursing diagnosis but also has nursi...
  12. HH_RN13

    Help with outcome for Myoacardial Infarction

  13. HH_RN13

    Advice on Microbiology

    My whole entire class in micro thought the teacher was horrible, but the problem wasn't her. It was that students expected it to be an easy class and were proven otherwise. Most people failed and the rest got Cs. I got my A. Moral of the story: make...
  14. I understand that. I've read the posts.
  15. I think it's obvious that if a choice had to be made between 2 teenagers, one with criminal background and the other without, it is clear that the non-troublemaker would be chosen first. However, in this situation he was denied the transplant altoget...