Has anyone bought Jaanuu scrubs? Do you like them in comparison to other brands?

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I've finally landed a job where I get to wear whatever color/style scrubs I want (yay!). I've always worn Grey's Anatomy scrubs because they fit so well and the material is great. I remember in the past I worked with a girl who wore Jaanuu scrubs and they looked kind of stiff and starchy... I never asked her about them though. Any thoughts?

I have a few pairs. I do like the boot cut pants and the v neck too. I also have 2 pairs of the pattern skinny pants and 2 tops with a zipper. One on the side of the top and the other top has a zipper in the middle. I hate those tips and style of pants!! Other than just those two styles I love the brand



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Stephanie, what's the material like? Is it soft? Or kind of stiff?

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I am someone who wears both a small and medium in a lot of things. I have only ever worn grey's anatomy scrubs, and a small is ALMOST too small, but a medium is huge. I have heard Jaanuu takes forever to ship, so I don't want to order the wrong size. I am 5'3, 145 lbs. I was thinking a medium, but I would like them to be form fitting. Any feedback or reviews are appreciated!


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I've ordered them and they are very cute! I am pretty tall and thin, so they didn't quite fit right. I suggest using their size guide to make sure you get the right size. Medium would probably work for you and they are form fitting. As far as the comfort goes, they can feel a bit too tight as the fabric isn't really stretchy. Hope this helps!



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They fit alright - it was my favorite brand for awhile. Different and cute. Mine shrunk so I didn't get much wear out of it compared to others. Material doesn't have much give.

Medium should be alright. But definitely go by the size chart. I'm 5'5 at roughly 150lbs and wore a medium



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how tall are you? I'm 5"10 and thinking of ordering from them. but I don't know if they will fit



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What do yall think of these tops?

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My initial reaction is looks like a color guard or dance team uniform.



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Cute, until someone pukes, pees, poops, or bleeds on it.



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I think this sort of scrub top is more suited for women working in a cosmetic surgery office, rather than a hospital!

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Kind of reminds me of the "Fearless" scrub top from the Careisma by Sofia Vergara line. Careisma By Sofia Vergara Fearless Keyhole Scrub Tops | Scrubs & Beyond

I think it's cute from an aesthetic perspective, but I don't think that keyhole cutouts on or around the chest are a great concept for scrubs. That v-neck doesn't appear to be a deeper cut than any standard scrub top, but the cutout feature really draws all attention to the exposed part of your neckline. I don't have a problem with it, but I could totally understand management or patients having the perception that it's too 'revealing' (even though it literally does not reveal any more skin than your standard v-neck scrubs).

From a practical perspective (getting 'puked, peed, pooped, or bled on'), I don't think it's any more or less functional than any other scrub top; like I said, it's about as deep cut as any other v-neck scrub top. If your patient has that kind of aim, you're getting sprayed regardless of whether you're wearing a cutout, a mock wrap, or any other style. If anything, that extra sliver of fabric might provide you with 3 more square inches of protection, lol.