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  1. Have any of you seen this petition/post going around? Petition * National Board of Nursing : Allow LPNs to challenge the Board of Nursing to obtain RN licensure * If so, what are your thoughts? Personally, I am an RN. I work in a rural ...
  2. Stephanie, what's the material like? Is it soft? Or kind of stiff?
  3. I've finally landed a job where I get to wear whatever color/style scrubs I want (yay!). I've always worn Grey's Anatomy scrubs because they fit so well and the material is great. I remember in the past I worked with a girl who wore Jaanuu scrubs and...
  4. I have been an emergency department nurse since I graduated nursing school in May of 2016. I changed a lot in nursing school. When I started, I was extroverted and for lack of a better word, "bubbly." By the time I was spit out into the real world of...
  5. Are you happier as an NP than you were as an RN?

    Thank you for all the input everyone. It is very valuable to me, and I greatly appreciate it. I enjoy hearing everyones perspectives plus pros and cons.
  6. Normal to be so tired on my days off? (I work day shift)

    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone, I appreciate them! I actually used melatonin at one time, but I quickly built up a tolerance to it and it didn't work for me anymore. I think my next step is a request for trazadone. I will look into the phone...
  7. Sleep has been a struggle for me since I was a teenager. I was convinced all through middle school, high school, and college that mornings were the devil and I was meant to live by the moon. Fast forward to becoming a nurse... I started off on night...
  8. Are you happier as an NP than you were as an RN?

    WKShadow, I am happy to hear you not only like your new role, but you were able to find a pleasant work environment. I am hoping to achieve the same. Thanks for your reply.
  9. Are you happier as an NP than you were as an RN?

    Jules A, thank you for your input. I appreciate you taking the time to tell me about your perspective.
  10. Are you happier as an NP than you were as an RN?

    ohiosam2, I appreciate your reply and your input. Thank you for taking the time to tell me about your experience.
  11. Submit a School Review and Qualify to Win $100!

    Maryville University
  12. Are you happier as an NP than you were as an RN?

    I have seen a couple posts titled similarly to mine, have even asked the same question in the title on a different thread. But this post is meant to be a little more fine tuned and specific (scroll down to the last paragraph if you don't care to see ...
  13. Item for nursing school

    I didn't have an Apple Watch in nursing school, certainly didn't need one, but I have one now as a nurse and I love it. If you want an Apple Watch, get one, but if you're a typical student, your money can probably be distributed better... i.e., buyin...
  14. I am a registered nurse in the process of applying to get my MSN-FNP. Instead of getting my FNP and staying in the corrupt state of Illinois after graduation, I would like to start fresh in a new state. Are there any other NP's who have done this? Wh...
  15. Thinking about becoming a NP. Have some questions for you NP's out there!

    Thank you for your reply, SopranoKris. It was very helpful!