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Anyone ever considered getting a nursing school pen pal? I know this term is very 1990 but I think it would be a good learning experience and also an extra support system. The oppurtunity to share your test scores, your struggles, your clinical experiences and see how someone else is handling nursing school sounds so awesome to me! I'd love to hear your stories! Anyway, if anyone is interested PM me :)

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awww that sounds very nice. I think it would be a nice idea, since many on the outside can't really understand whats going on. Kind of like this board though but maybe a pen pal would be more personal :)

While it's a lovely idea, I can't see committing to writing more! I already spend a good part of my life writing :-\

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I met a friend off allnurses that would be considered my 'penpal'. We would respond to each others posts, then cheered each other on at application time and we really hit it off. She got in last year but I didn't. So, I get to hear about her clinicals and I tell her about my pre-nursing classes (patho, CNA, etc) that I'm taking. She gets to go through the stress of applications with me again this spring! :uhoh3:

We use facebook, text and IM almost everyday and when I have something to share she is the first one I tell, because she can appreciate what its all about. Our friendship just progressed for us and I do consider her a good friend. It's nice to have someone who knows what you are going through cheer you on when you do well and cheer you up when you don't. And, nothing like having a friend who can laugh at c-diff and silly school stories with you, because sometimes family just doesn't get it! :lol2:

Aww thats such a nice story!

I'd be interested but I'm all the way in Canada, thats probably a minus in terms of having a penpal. Although, if your up for it give me a shout! Have you just started Nursing school?

I started Sept 2010. Does anyone think Professional Awareness is a hard course? It seems as though everybody has the most difficulities with PA?

I started Sept 2010. Does anyone think Professional Awareness is a hard course? It seems as though everybody has the most difficulities with PA?

Not sure what it is, my school doesn't have a course named anything close to that.

hey a penpal doesn't have to mean writing can definitely be like what Sand_Dollar said...facebook, IM, text, message through allnurses...I just think it would be great to get to know someone else's story (both nursing and non-nursing) and watch each other about an interesting patient..stuff that only people in nursing school can understand and care about. I am in my second semester of an ADN program...right now I am taking OB and Med/Surg lecture and clinicals. And frnj I have never heard of that course, what does it involve?

Professional Awareness is my toughest course so far. In fact everyone has the lowest grade in that class. The book we study out of is Success in Practical Nursing.

I think it's a pretty good idea. We need all the support we can get.

im interested!

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Great idea! I'm interested.

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