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  1. Can LPN's draw blood in the state of NJ

    What type of class
  2. I give up!

    Once you get your foot in the door of lpn work many new doors open. This is what I have experienced anyway. Good luck to you all
  3. I am wondering if any LPN's know if it is legal for a LPN to draw blood in NJ? If not, what class can I take so I can draw blood?
  4. I give up!

    Home Care in Manahawkin has a sign out front for hiring LPN's. Wound Care, hospice, meds admin, etc.
  5. I give up!

    2fly I sent you an email NMlpn2rn do you live in Ocean County? I just turned down a job with Advanced Pro Home Care in Brick. It's easier getting a job a job with an agency before working for a rehab. I got lucky and my first job was in a rehab. It'...
  6. I give up!

    Is anyone still looking for work?
  7. Are LPNs being phased out?

    I live in New Jersey, and I got my license December 2011, I got my first nursing job full time in a rehab facility and I also work for two agencies on the side for some extra money and today I got called and offered another agency job. So I believe t...
  8. I give up!

    Good job with the job fair, but just a head's up, if you can go there before the job fair, fill out the application and drop off a copy of your resume, get the name of the DON, before the job fair. I have heard that sometimes they hire before job fai...
  9. I give up!

    Did you find a job? I graduated lpn school in Sept. took my boards in December and started looking for a job right after the holidays. I went every where. Knock on every door I could find with my resume in tow. Finally after 3 months of searching I w...
  10. Job searching depressing!!!

    Don't get discouraged. It took me 3 months to find my first job, and now I have 3. :-) I am working as much as I can so I can pay off my loans quick.... I have only been working for almost 2 months. It seems as though every door is finally opening. G...
  11. Thankful to have my first LPN job

    Thanks Mazee, I am also working on the weekends for an agency. The rehab thing seems likes it is going to be a great job!
  12. Thankful to have my first LPN job

    I am working for a rehab facility for brain injuries and spinal cord injury patients. I also picked up some weekend and holiday work with an agency. The rehab is full time employment. Good luck in your search for a job. Someone I went to school with ...
  13. Thankful to have my first LPN job

    After searching and being knocked down, told that I need experience, :madface:that my clinical experiences were not good enough, blah, blah, blah! :flamesonb Well I finally landed a job.:nurse::cheers::w00t::thankya: The staff are absolutely wonderfu...
  14. Scope of Practice LPN in NJ?

    thank you i have read the thread and found it very vague.
  15. Scope of Practice LPN in NJ?

    Can you please send me a link of where I can find within the scope of practice for a LPN in NJ? Thanks