Passed that sucker!!! Cpne st. Pete's albany

  1. I passed CPNE at ST.Peter's in Albany, today, May 10th MOTHER'S DAY. Fitting because it was the mother of all exams. Passed all labs, failed first PCS, CE did not see or hear me check ID band right at get go, my fault cause I was so scared I was mumbling. Came back and passed next 3. Other than the first Mother's Day after I adopted my son, this was the best ever!!! I will put together a synopsis of pt, types of assessment, especially the awful wound treatment that ate up half my PCS. Careplans: used Risk for Falls for my 2nd dx for all.
    Thanks to all of you on this thread for the generosity, good thoughts and prayers. I hope to start paying it forward very soon.

    Hugs to all,
    Maureen who will soon change her name from lpnmaura to RNMAURA!!! Now a glass of wine, hot bath, funny movie, sleep and food to help return to HOMEOSTATIS.
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    OMG Maureen!!!!!! I am so happy for you! You really deserved this and you are the true meaning of preserverance. You did not give up when you failed the first time. You jumped back on the horse and claimed your prize. I am tickled pink right now. I can't wait for you to change your name. God Bless you Maureen, RN!!!!!!!
  5. by   Kelseyj79
    CONGRATS!!! I am so incredibly happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Congratulations!!!! What a test, huh?!?!
  7. by   KellyCCRN
    *wine OMG I am sooooo happy for you!!!!! I knew you would do it!! You'll have to fill us in on the details once you get some rest! How was the test site compared to Syracuse? HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

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    way to go!!!!
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    Congrats and may the N-Clex go with flying colors also!
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    I LOVE reading that.

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    Oh, Maureen!! I am SO SO SO happy for you!!! RNMaura, here you come! Yay!! That is just awesome. I had a looooong weekend at work, so your good news is a welcome sight for my tired eyes.
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