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I passed CPNE at ST.Peter's in Albany, today, May 10th MOTHER'S DAY. Fitting because it was the mother of all exams. Passed all labs, failed first PCS, CE did not see or hear me check ID band right... Read More

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    congrats!! and thats amazing on your son! i will keep you in my prayers for the NCLEX!
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    Get your homeostasis deserve it!
  6. by   JulesRN10
    doin the happy dance for you!!! i have only just begun, so i cannot wait to follow in your footsteps! congrats!!!! best of luck on nclex!!!

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    So proud of you. Knew you could and would do it. Can't wait to hear the whole story once you are rested up and able. Good Luck with the NCLEX! Traci
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  10. by   GeauxNursing
    allright! way to go! I am just starting my excelsior journey so it's great to hear about another person surviving the CPNE, that is really the only part that scares me about the whole thing. Kudos to you!
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    Two's a charm.

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