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ER and family advanced nursing practice
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ivanh3 specializes in ER and family advanced nursing practice.

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  1. ivanh3

    Excelsior CPNE Workshop

    I took the official Excelsior workshop back in 2005. Don't know what it is like now, but it was great then. I would say it definitely factored into my passing the CPNE. Ivan
  2. ivanh3

    I am done!!!!!!

    Well almost three years after that last post I am happy to report that I just wrapped up my doctorate of nursing practice (DNP) at the University of Alabama. It has been a long journey, but it was worth every second of it. For those of you who are pr...
  3. ivanh3

    DNP Clinical Hours

    I am just wrapping up my DNP at the University of Alabama. They have an excellent program that can be completed in one year full time or two plus years part time. A portion of my clinical hours were done at work, but that was because my scholarly ...
  4. As I recall, Graceland mailed all books to me, and I never really questioned if I had a choice. Probably should have. At the University of Alabama for my DNP I get all of my books from Amazon new, and they are usually less expensive.
  5. ivanh3

    Shortage of Nurse Practitioner Preceptors

    I learned that people will steal underwear out of the washing machine, so you never know. The lack of preceptors is frustrating. I had to find my own and it was tough and nerve wracking. However, I don't think you can blame the schools. Someone m...
  6. ivanh3

    Best NP or PA Route- Opinions Please!

    I will echo some sentiments on this thread. If you are not a nurse and you want to be a provider then perhaps PA training would be more appropriate assuming you have all of the pre reqs. Ivan
  7. ivanh3

    Graceland University FNP program starting 2012

    Sorry I missed your question in another thread. Looks like you start today, so let me say congrats! Ivan
  8. I am a Graceland RN to MSN graduate (2009), and I have nothing but positive things to say with one caveat (below). The instructors were excellent, and the dean was very involved. I did a lot of writing and research during my time there which has been...
  9. ivanh3

    Would you do it over again?

    Very little difference in pay, and I am not aware of differences in patient outcomes. There is a big difference in pre reqs and student loan burdens with PA programs having/resulting in more of both. PA schools are often very competitive and may req...
  10. ivanh3

    Np stories of success

    It really depends on your job market, location, etc. As an RN I was working in an ICU setting doing the typical 12 hour shifts. I have had two NP jobs since graduation. They were both great, but the employer expectations of me have risen dramatically...
  11. ivanh3

    NP Scope of Practice - alternative medicine?

    You can certainly learn more about holism through formal and informal training (IMHO, most nursing programs incorporate holistic concepts into their BSN, MSN, and doctorate programs). Although there are actual certifications for holistic nursing you ...
  12. As an FNP I maybe biased, but I do recommend FNP over PNP or ANP (or the like). Even if you know you never want to lay hands on a(n) _______ (insert adult or child), you may be limiting your job opportunities at time when every opportunity counts. Fo...
  13. ivanh3

    Help me choose between CRNA and a CRNP

    When I was deciding between CRNA and NP I had a newborn. I decided on going the NP route because CRNA is longer and far more time intensive. You will miss out on a lot of family events if you go that route. The time spent with your child will be dras...
  14. ivanh3

    Good family clinical guideline book

    I occasionally use Family Practice Guidelines by Glass and Cash. It is a decent book that I bought to replace my beloved Uphold and Graham....sigh....My go to resource however is Epocrates essentials for Android and Sanford guide for Android.
  15. I would like to pick a good office procedures book for NPs in primary care. I came across "Pfenninger and Fowler's Procedures for Primary Care". A little pricey, but current and well recommended on Amazon. Anyone have any experience with that book o...
  16. ivanh3

    CPNE Notes from an EC grad.

    Glad we could help. Sometimes it is just that other approach or perspective that helps. Keep moving forward, and then one day maybe it will be you helping those who come behind you. Ivan