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TIN65RN has 16 years experience and specializes in Geriatrics.

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  1. TIN65RN

    I passed the CPNE in Milwaukee, Wi !!!!!

  2. TIN65RN

    CPNE Grady 19-21 March

  3. TIN65RN

    Another Excelsior College Grad Passes NCLEX

  4. TIN65RN

    Passed CPNE in Albany (AMC) 1/17, No Retakes!

  5. TIN65RN

    Passed cpne in utica!!!!!!

  6. TIN65RN

    Passed HD3

  7. TIN65RN

    Last Exam Tomorrow...

    Good Luck!!
  8. Congrats Sue!! I Graduated Aug 21, passed boards Oct. 9th, Started as an RN on Oct. 12 in a top rated Hospital in my area, and hadn't even worked as an LPN for many years! Like Sue, I can't speak highly enough of EC, and have decided to stay with them for my BSN and maybe beyond! Becoming an RN through EC has trully changed my life!
  9. TIN65RN

    Decided to stick with EC....

    Thanks Sue, I did call them and got the "unofficial evaluation" I know what I need to take, I just wanted to be sure if I clep them they will accept all of them. Several of the Colleges I looked at will only accept up to 12 clep credits, and one wouldn't take my English Comp form EC, That is why I am staying with Excelsior, once I clep/dsst my gen eds, I will only need to take College Writing, Stats, and the Nursing courses to finish my BSN. Cissy
  10. I have decided to continue my education with EC, since all of my credits are from them. For my BSN I still need 30 Gen ED credits, as I have no prior credits, except my ADN. Does anyone doing the RN to BSN with EC know if there is a limit to the Clep or Dsst credits they will take? I don't want to enroll until I complete some of these. And I could save a small fortune if I can clep or Dsst most of them. Thanks, Cissy:D
  11. TIN65RN

    Married the Beast! In Chambersburg Pa.

  12. TIN65RN

    Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

    Cpne (june-14-2009) Graduated (August-21-2009) Nclex (October-9-2009) Started work as a new RN (October-12-2009) I have decided to enroll in the RN-BSN program at Excelsior in January 2010!
  13. TIN65RN

    Passed CPNE today!!

  14. Just received my quick results! I passed my boards Friday with 75 questions:D, and I start my new job tomorrow! I can't believe I am finally done. EC was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. CEB65RN:yeah:
  15. TIN65RN

    Nursing job interview attire

    Check out your local thrift stores, if you have any near by. I found two nice outfits at Salvation Army for under 7 bucks each, wore them each to my interviews, got the second job. So, I dressesd for success for less than 10 bucks,lol.
  16. I got a job!!!:yeah:. I was offered a position in one of the areas top hospitals! I still cant believe it. For all of the people who think they won't get hired if the do EC's ASN program, here is my story: I Graduated 08/21/2009, had two interviews and was offered a job by the second hospital just 3 weeks after I graduated. Now, there are also 11 other RN programs in the area, and the job market is very tight right now, and although I am an LPN I have not worked in years, and I still got the job! I am so excited, because it is such great opportunity for me. I start next month, and I can't wait!!!:D