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christy78 has 10 years experience and specializes in icu,er,w/c.

LVN working on RN through EC

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  1. christy78

    western governors university

    Hi, i just sent you a PM. I don't have a lot of time to check this site so if you ask me something I may not get for a week or so. I sent you my private email and would be glad to answer any questions you have about WGU. I love it, will be done with my BSN by end of Jan and started Oct 1st!! It's hard but completly doable.
  2. christy78

    Western Governors University

    I just applied last week to their RN-MSN program; they accepted all my pre-reqs from a local community college and all of EC's stuff. The admission process was so quick and simple. Everything is ready to go in order to start on Sept 1 st pending I pass state boards, just finished EC's program in July and am still waiting for boards, hopefully I can take it this week. I enrolled before taking boards because sometimes admissions can take a month or so and I didn't want to be waiting; now they are waiting on me. I chose WGU because they were the cheapest, accredited online program. I researched the last year while completing my ADN and they are the best choice for me.
  3. christy78


    Dianna, RN I have yet to hear of anyone who failed with the good pop-up, have a glass of wine and relax, you deserve it! Congrats and keep us posted.
  4. christy78

    CPNE wound; Any advice on how to make my own.

    I made mine; it was easy and only cost about 10.00. I bought some green Styrofoam from Wal-Mart. Like a square you would use for a flower arrangement. Then I made a copy of the wound from the study guide. Placed the copy of the wound over the Styrofoam, used a knife to trace the edges of the wound. Used a spoon and scooped about making the center the deepest. Then took some of my daughter's play-dough and smeared the red colored all in the wound and up about ½ inch over the sides. Then I took yellow and smeared over the top and up to the edges of the wound. Then I pinched the yellow and red play dough all along the edges of the wound to kind of make a lip (like you were pinching a pie crust). It worked for me and was cheap to make. I passed the wound with no repeats. Hope that helps, Christy
  5. christy78

    Congrats, Chamberlain RN-BSN Grads! :-)

    Congrats to Lisa and all the others, BSN what an accomplishment! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lisa S. you're an inspiration, your advice and encouragement got me through EC's ASN. I will have an official grad date of July 16th, then on to NCLEX and enroll in Aug for the RN-MSN program with WGU. What are your plans after graduation are you finally going to take a break?
  6. christy78

    Need excelsior help ASAP

    Are you sure you're on studygroup101 website? I only ask because I just finished EC's nursing program in May and only used study guides from studygroup101 to pass all of my test and the site doesn't say NC1-7; it list the test as they are currently called, essentials of health safety and so on..(just checked again before I posted this) if the site you are getting your material from list them as NC1-7 it may not be up to date with excelsior. I would just hate to hear you wasted time and money on old out of date stuff. My 2 cents, trying to help.
  7. christy78

    Western governors's rn to bsn online

    I just finished excelsior's CPNE in May; take my last requirement A&P on June 5th. I plan on taking boards early July and enrolling in WGU in Aug or as soon as I can; for their online RN- MSN program and then transferring to University of Texas, for a post master NP program. I have checked with UT and they accept WGU's master degree, checked with WGU and they accept all excelsior courses and said all I will have is the nursing for the BSN and those can easily be completed in 6 to 9 months depending on my commitments. Then on to the MSN part. I did talk to some guy who graduated their BSN program and transferred to Stony Brook for a masters/np ; he said he had no problems completing the program did it in one 6th month term, cost was accurate with very few extra charges, lab fees ect.. He also said he had no issues with transfer of transcript because it stated the grading system is equivalent to a "B" so his transfer school gave him a GPA equivalent to all B's So I did not answer your questions specifically but wanted you to know our journeys are similar and I couldn't find much info on these boards either, the guy I spoke with said WGU students are probably too busy doing homework to post.(lol!)
  8. christy78

    Passed CPNE!!!

    YEAH!! I passed the CPNE this weekend in Mansfield OH! Thank ya'll for all you support along the way. This group is amazing, I will post a jpurnal soon to the EPN board for those intrested. Christy
  9. christy78

    Wow, MPAC was fast!!!

    My studying is going well, thank you! I am to the point of no return, I test next weekend may 14-16 in Mansfield, OH. Keep me in your prayers, Christy
  10. christy78

    Wow, MPAC was fast!!!

    I am doing the dance with you! My app was accepted with MPAC, then 2 1/2 weeks later they called me at 8am with a cancellation date 4 weeks away, total study time 6 ½ weeks! My happy dance quickly became the jig as well. Good Luck!
  11. I am taking my CPNE next weekend then will have completed EC's ASN program. I have been checking into several RN-MSN and RN-BSN programs for the last year to see if my EC RN will transfer and I haven't found a school yet it wouldn't transfer to. I did find however 90% of them will not accept the A&P and micro due to no labs, but as someone previously posted worst situation I have to retake those 2 classes at a local community college. Hope that helps.
  12. christy78

    Mansfield OH, CPNE?

    Thanks! when and where did you take yours?
  13. christy78

    Mansfield OH, CPNE?

    Anyone familiar with the Mansfield OH area? The hotel EC recommends (#1 on trip advisor) is full, some kind of convention, trip advisor #2 is Travelodge about 4 minles from the hospital. I have never heard of this chain, any comments? Are sinks in the room or outside the room to use? Are there lots of pediatrics or none at all? Days are counting down May 14th is quickly approaching. Thanks in advance, Christy
  14. Worried about that exact situation, did you get accepted to sunny brook? I would love to do WGU's RN-MSN but want it to transfer to UT for a post masters FNP program and I don't see that possible without a GPA?
  15. christy78

    Any WGU grads?

    Hey if there are any WGU grads, please tell me when you graduated did your transcript say pass/fail or actually have a letter grade "b"???? Did it list the specific courses such as statistics or did it list the name of the entire module "mathematics"?? Thank you in advance I have called and sent in emails and the only answer I get is their grades are equivalent to a "b" or better.
  16. christy78

    Got 71% on EC Health & Safety Practice Exam

    In my own journey I made between 70 and 75 on practice test and passed the exams with A's, B's and a few C's. The post before mine is correct study your practice test!! they are the best $65.00 you could spend-christy

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