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  1. I passed my NCLEX-RN. I came to this board back before I knew for sure that I wanted to be a nurse and got great information at this site. The good the bad and the ugly....just was I was looking for to help make a decision. I started with becoming and LPN because that was the quickest way into this profession. When I was done with my LPN and was told I had to wait a year to go on for my RN I again turned to this board for a solution....I went through Excelsior and got my LPN to RN done in just at 1 year and 1 week (all exams, CPNE and NCLEX). This board is a great resource full of amazingly supportive people.

    Thanks to everyone! (yeah it sounds corney but I just finished a long journey to RN and I'm feeling nostalgic) I'm taking a 3 month break and then off to BSN/MSN
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  3. by   Hellllllo Nurse

    Good luck on your BSN/MSN.

    Enjoy your break- you deserve it!
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  5. by   NC Girl BSN
    Your my inspiration! I just graduated with my LPN and took my state boards in September. Just passed My first nursing exam from Excelsior and have mailed off my application to start the next. I am so motivated to get through this program. Hopefully I will post this same message one day! Enjoy your accomplishment RN!!!!!
  6. by   suzy253
    Congratulations on passing the NCLEX!
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    congrats!!!!!!......whoooo hooooooo
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    CONGRATS Fells great to be a an RN doesnt it! Welcome to the club.
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    congratulation RN
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    Are you going to change your username?
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    Woo hooo!! Congratulations to you!!!!!
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    Congrats to you!!!!!
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    [font="comic sans ms"]congratulations!!!