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LTAC, Telemetry, Thoracic Surgery, ED
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Boston-RN is a RN and specializes in LTAC, Telemetry, Thoracic Surgery, ED.

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  1. Boston-RN

    Bayfront vs. Lakeland vs. Brandon

    I did a travel assignment at Bayfront and LOVED it
  2. Boston-RN

    ACLS and PALS classes in Boston?

    Hello, I HIGHLY recommend CPR world in Canton. The instructor is amazing and you do not need the study material ahead of time. She goes over everything in great detail and doesn't try and trick anyone. I took PALS and ACLS on separate visits and both times were great. Very relaxed atmosphere. HIGHLY Recommended!! AND they throw in lunch from Bertuccis with the cost of the class.
  3. Boston-RN

    Southcoast Hospital Group dosage test

    Their med test is open book and calculator. Pretty hard to fail.
  4. Boston-RN

    Anyone ever seen a 17.2 for an INR

    11.7 on a headbleed with a shift but we saved her.....26 (lab couldn't go any higher) on a tylenol OD that did not survive
  5. Boston-RN

    TNCC...whose been through it, what did you learn?

    I agree with the above posters. It's a great way to learn a systematic approach to assessing your trauma patients. It's good if you've already had a small taste of caring for trauma pts and its a great credential if you work ER.
  6. Boston-RN

    Florida RN license by endorsement

    Hello, I am an RN in Boston, MA. I just sent my ppwk down with the application filled out to the letter, a copy of the Nursys verification, copy of the medication error CEU and 2 copies of the fingerprints along with the $223 fee, sent is certified. It was received on Dec 7th and on Dec 17th the board had my license number posted. I still don't have anything by mail but that seemed pretty quick. There is also an option to fill out the application online pay online and mail in the fingerprints.
  7. Boston-RN

    Need shoes for plantar fasciitis

    danskos are supposed to be good for plantar faciitis, I lost my danskos a couple months ago and my feet are KILLING me....have a new pair being delivered tomorrow. Give them a whirl.....expensive but worth it
  8. Boston-RN

    Agency nurses how do you do it?

    I agree with the above....I started my first per diem as agency....the only slack I got was from other per diems because they were afraid I was going to "steal the better per diem shifts" I always make a point of introducing myself to whomever is the charge and let them know I may have some questions about (policy/procedure). A sick patient is a sick patient anywhere you won't go wrong with the standard interventions....if they know you know your stuff and are willing to pull your load (and maybe help with theirs) they should be happy....but I'm in the ED so maybe it's different on the floor. I know when I was on the floor I was happy to have help and since I wasn't paying them out of my own pocket...didn't really care about salary
  9. Boston-RN

    So, I have to be a bad nurse to be a good nurse?

    this is the key reason that I only spent 2 months in LTC...as a new nurse you can always talk to your nurse manager/ADON and as the legit question of "how do I get this all done (correctly) in 8 hrs" if you hear that you need better time management and they offer nothing else...have them (or nurse educator) to follow you for a day for feedback....the reason why....it can't be done legit.....if they are truely invested in you doing well and they truely feel it can all be done in 8 hours I'm sure they will be able to give you good constructive feedback....otherwise they realize it can't be done but still expect you "document" that it has been done....Be very careful Some of my very good friends are in LTC for years and cannot do it all by the book. Don't feel bad about it.....
  10. Boston-RN

    Do you know how to find all the pulses?

    agree with other posters......identifying and palpating pulses is very important....don't be afraid to keep looking even if the pt thinks your crazy....don't be afraid to use the doppler/steth
  11. Boston-RN

    Dealing With Animosity

    I agree with the others....if your co-workers are not supportive then they remain co-workers and not friends. Share your successes with those that appreciate them and can share them with you. I know sometimes that is discouraging but it's better for your mental health in the long run.
  12. Boston-RN

    blood exposure from hiv patient

    I know you had a scratch that was bleeding but what blood or bodily fluids of THEIRS came in contact with your open wounds? If they were not bleeding and it was only your blood then in my facility it would not even be considered an exposure. If their actual blood came in contact with your actual open exposed wound I think it's like 1 in 300.
  13. Boston-RN

    Rules of the Dr.office

    yup....and all those pts end up in the ED anyway....
  14. Sorry....going to have to agree with all the others. The PICC line is there for access both giving and drawing. One of the perceived benefits to the patients is a decrease in lab sticks....even though it's more time for you it's less discomfort to them.
  15. Boston-RN

    Calling all New Grad NPs in Boston!

    I have heard as a new NP in non-acute it is roughly the same pay as an experienced speciality RN. One of the RN's that works w/me in the ED works mostly as an RN because of the pay. I think in acute care it's higher pay (worse shifts)
  16. Boston-RN

    Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center

    Hello, I also work at BIDMC. Make sure you let the HR/rec know that you're looking at all tele / RN opportunities so you can cast your net wide. Otherwise you can apply to the float pool and get a taste of all the different floors. We are full full full of pts so there's no reason with your experience you shouldn't get some position. And if you don't, I'd LOVE to hear it.....