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Hello everyone, It's great to see a distance /independent learning topic. Currently, I am considering Deaconess School of Nursing. Is there anyone else considering this school? I find I definately... Read More

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    Originally posted by angelbear
    Do you happen to know what the average is for the time it takes for each course that you need? One of our nurses at work has started thru Rue and several of us are thinking of joining her. I have heard it is more expensive thru Rue (99 to start and 99 per month til paid) but that success rate is higher. Also is there any financial aid ie. grants available for this type of program. Thanks
    Their success rate isn't really higher, and you're paying for content outlines that you can get from Excelsior for free. There are grants, scholarships available from Excelsior, if you go through them, but none are available right now until June. Contact your BON- I did this, and my BON offers a Nursing Incentive Scholarship Fund, which includes Excelsior, even though it's not a Title IV school. Also, my facility now covers Tuition Grants for Excelsior, so ask your workplace! I had been taking classes, and working full time, so I'm really glad I chose to go this route. You have to be disciplined, and be willing to call them up with any questions you might have, but I'm not having a hard time as of yet.
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    Great to see this area! Seeing all the post of everyone who went this route is very motivating

    I started back in 1997 and have had a few slow downs, due to children being added to the family. Have all my nursing test completed, just have the CPNE (weekend clinical) and 6 humanities credits to obtain.
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    Good thread. Interesting to hear about the distance schools.

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    I think so,too. I'm glad they started this forum.
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    Originally posted by kavi

    I've worked with two nurses who completed this program, and both said it was very difficult, but they were well-prepared when they started their nursing careers. It's not for everyone though.
    I completed the program in '01 and was fortunate to meet some study partners online. We supported each other along the way and glad to say we are all RN's now

    Ive never met any of them face to face but there will always be a bond there !! I have finally met someone "in person" that did the program, she works the night shift at my new job. We Excelsior grads really are few and far between.

    I took A&P and micro thru regents/excelsior and there was no lab required. They accepted the credits for the tests that I took at the Sylvan center. For micro I got a text and workbook and just did the entire book. I always used the excelsior "study guides" along with texts. NO it was not easy I studied long and hard for those two and glad to have passed them. I used my OLD marieb anatomy book (from LPN program) and bought the 'coloring' workbook. There I sat coloring in the pics and my kids thought I had lost my mind :imbar

    It got better when I studied/practiced for my clinical because I had set up my DR with all the "stuff" I collected- empty vials, syringes, outdated IV fluids, ect. I practiced the labs daily and studied my butt off for the clinical (about 6 mo) and very proud to say I passed with no repeats I was on my way home sunday morn about 10 AM with those 8 credits under my belt.

    Preparation IS the key to success in this program. It can be done but you are right it is not for everyone, you need to research the program and understand how it works. I studied the actual clinical exam and knew exactly what was required and knew what to expect. It worked for me and the cost is so much less than a traditional program. Took me 5 yrs while working and I took alot of the pre-reqs at comm. college along the way.

    My saving grace I think was the old "study buddy' site that unfortunately no longer exists. We supported and guided each other and shared our experiences online. Yahoo has a few groups that Ive been to theres alot of info there and notes you can download. I have it somewhere saved if anyone wants them.

    Well good luck to all if I can help let me know.........

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    I am considering Excelsior to complete ADN. I am currently an LPN in Nevada, and have most of my general ed requirements completed.

    My question: Is anyone here from Nevada that has completed a distance ed ADN program? I have contacted my state board to inquire about specific requirements associated with Excelsior's program and haven't heard back yet, but I assume they will make it sound extremely complicated. Of course, Excelsior makes it sound like there are no other things associated other than completed the courses and the testing phases, then sitting for the NCLEX. I need someone who has gone through the experience and licensed in Nevada who can offer me some real advice. Any takers?

    I HOPE this is all I think it is. I'm excited about getting started!

    Kelly Gamble
    Im running the distance myself... I honestly dont have time to do it any other way and still remain sane. Im at the California State University @ Domingus Hills. I can say it was a rough start , schedule was messed up from the very begining and other problems that just contiued to get worse but I found someone there who was determined to get things straight and she did. Im taking 3 classes and also taking some classes in a college that is near to my location so I can push things faster... but this is the only way I could finally get my school back on track. When I say the assignment load I cried ... then I inhaled took a drink and just buckled down into it. I had to put myself back into the frame of mind of JUST DO IT. I have arranged my schedule to where I can devote enormous amounts of time to my studies and I dont get to pop into allnurses as much but so far I havent drowned in my own sorrows. I have set a time line of 2 yrs to complete this degree and I will have it done if it kills me, which it might. Since things were so chaotic in Egypt I have flown back to the states and now working in California, to be closer to the school. Im working at a hospital as a traveler and have taken a long term assignment with them, they also know Im in school and the OR supervisor is actually in one of my classes so she has been very supportive as well. My support system is back in Egypt monitoring what is occuring over there and I get daily phone calls as to how he is doing and if things are becoming disturbing and if a possible bug out is to occur... Im stressed, beyond my limits at times, more than I ever was in RN school itself, but I cant look at it that way, I have to see the future and not look at the now. The now is bleak and appears to be never ending, the future looks great with another chapter added to my life. I say good luck to those that are venturing in to this hectic schedule, I do hope that you all achieve your goals that you have set out for yourselves.
    You may not hear a hoot and a hollar from me , thats because my yells are muffled as I have my head burried into a book or a APA paper.
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    Angelbear, I would not recommend RUE or any other study system (Chancellor's etc). The Excelsior program has grown and evolved so much. The actual college has the study guides, textbooks, and information you need to pass the exams. RUE and all those others charge your for books that you use to study as well as the textbooks. None of that goes towards Excelsior. So, you still have to pay to enroll with Excelsior, to take the exams, to have your credits reviewed etc and to take the clinical. RUE and the other also lock you into a contract. I suggest checking out Excelsior directly and see what they have available before you sign on with anyone. Many people have passed going directly through Excelsior (formerly Regents) without the help of an outside study programs. Check it out. As for me, straight through Excelsior. Wishing you the best!
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    I signed with Distance learning systems of Indiana.......they are the equivalent of Rue, Moore, and Chancellors, but I find most people haven't heard of them.

    If I had known better, I would not have signed with a publisher. you can get every thing you need online for a LOT less. My cost was about 3-4 grand. I don't have the bill in front of me, but I know its in that range. That does not include the testing fees, the clinical, the clinical prep, or the cost of Excelsior. Excelsior itself has a warning about signing with a publisher (Rue, DLSI,Moore,etc) When I started I thought you HAD to use one and that was the only way.. If I had the internet or had contacted EC myself I would have saved a lot.

    A quick warning about RUE: Everything I have heard from others going through them is negative. They seem to be the biggest ripoff among the publishers. I will add that I do not have experience with them personally so my opinion may not qualify. They have a reputation for having employees snoop around BB's trying to sell people on RUE and making sure no one violates their rules.
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    originally posted by debrno1

    my saving grace i think was the old "study buddy' site that unfortunately no longer exists. we supported and guided each other and shared our experiences online. yahoo has a few groups that ive been to theres alot of info there and notes you can download. i have it somewhere saved if anyone wants them.
    deb, i completely agree! the study groups are so wonderful and i can't imagine doing it without them. the best advice i got when i started was from a ec grad who told me to take advantage of them.
    the old study buddy site has been revamped and it's a yahoo group now.
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    Can vouch for this study group. I do not post a lot on there, but the wealth of info. I read is priceless!!!!!!
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    I am so glad you are all here. I am certain that I want to go straight through with EC. Still researching and I will keep you posted. Thanks for all the advise.
  13. by   CindyJRN
    Hi again all,
    I also particpated in the study groups, received a ton of important info and hints back in 2000. If you have access to the study groups, please utilize them! Sorry, I didn't save some of the info, but I will try to offer support and answer questions if I can. By the way, completed my first class with UOP, proud of the "A" I earned!!!!!!!! It was tough working full time and I wrote a paper a week, but it will be worth it.