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  1. KolkataMomRN

    Nursing Licence?

  2. KolkataMomRN

    First Interview as a RN - Question

  3. KolkataMomRN

    First Interview as a RN - Question

    Tuttle13, Thanks for the questions!! I have been throwing them around in my head today while doing the endless piles of laundry. So sorry you did not get the job. I am really surprised I was even called given the fact I recently just passed the NCLEX. Tammy
  4. KolkataMomRN

    First Interview as a RN - Question

    Flames9, thank you for sharing some questions and tips. That will give me something to think about, besides my nerves for the next 3 days!! Tammy
  5. KolkataMomRN

    First Interview as a RN - Question

    I have an interview coming up Thurs. on a Med.-Surg./Monitored Bed unit at the hospital, here in the town I live in. I was wondering if someone could give me an idea of what type of questions I might be asked, other than the basic "why you applied for this position" type. Thanks, Tammy
  6. KolkataMomRN


    congrats!!! tammy
  7. KolkataMomRN

    i think i freakin failed

    Hang in there!! I know when I left the building, I felt like I had failed. It was the hardest wait ever to find out........uggg. Fingers crossed for you!! Tammy
  8. KolkataMomRN

    Took NCLEX RN stopped around 130

    Hang in there!! I passed with around 118. Tammy
  9. KolkataMomRN

    Who has passed using Suzanne's plan

    I used her plan and mine cut off at 118. I passed first try. Tammy
  10. KolkataMomRN

    Failed nclex 3 times

    I highly suggest using Suzanne's plan. I used her plan along with reading Kaplan's overview of how to narrow down the choices given. I passed on my first attempt in Aug. Tammy
  11. KolkataMomRN

    Question about the Colorado school (ccconline)

    I am finishing up this semester with CCC Online. My classes were not full and I was able to take both of the ones I needed. Tammy
  12. KolkataMomRN

    Humanities Course On Line?

    Has anyone taken any online courses to obtain humanities credits? Thanks, Tammy
  13. KolkataMomRN

    Excelsior a good fit for a former ASN?

    Good luck!!! I was in a tradional program and am about to tackle the CPNE.
  14. KolkataMomRN


    You are quite welcome!! Was good practice for me :)
  15. KolkataMomRN


    KolkataMom hit the nail on the head for you!! Thanks Lys!! I actually have had a lot of trouble with nursing care plans in school. I was looking at them the wrong way and making them way too complicated. It finally hit me one day, that the goal it is the outcome that the PATIENT will do. While the interventions are something the NURSE will do to help the patient reach the goal. I know, I know they told me this in class, but for some reason it just was not clicking So with airway clearance, the ultmate goal is for the pt. to not aspirate. So what can I do, while with the pt., to help him/her not do this (interventions)............... I think some instructors make them sound way to complicated. Kem, forget fancy wording, keep it simple, and you will prgress with them.
  16. KolkataMomRN


    Risk For Fluid Volume Deficit R/T poor suck Goal: Pt. will not demonstrate signs and symptoms of dehydration Interventions: Monitor weight, body temperature, moisture in oral cavity and urine volume and concentration Offer appealing forms of fluids Risk For Ineffective Airway Clearance R/T increased mucus production Goal: Pt. will not experience aspiration Interventions: Position to prevent aspiration Suction secretions from airway as needed Provide humidified atmosphere Rrisk For Altered Thermoregulation r/t large body surface area and cool environment Goal: The infant will have a temp. between 97.5 F and 98.6 F Interventions: Warp in two blankets Put on head cap Limit time in contact with wet clothing or blankets Warm all articles for care Risk For Injury (misidentification) r/t helpless infant Goal: Pt will not be misidentified. Interventions: Frequent checks to ensure identification is intact Ensure identification is intact on bed Hope these help....... Tammy