How 2 get a job when u have stipulations & no one wants 2 give u a chance

  1. Seems the nurse managers make u out 2 be permanently damaged goods, look down their noses, & want 2 eat their young refusing 2 help !!
    Some are plum rude & hospitals have " no hire" policies. Where's the Florence Nightengale empathetic mentoring spirit to bring a fellow nurse to where they need 2 be?
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  3. by   SchoolRNAmy
    It's very difficult to take you seriously when you write "2" instead of "to", "u" instead of "you". I truly hope that you use correct grammar in your resume.
    Just my two cents.
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  4. by   mclennan
    I wouldn't want to hire someone who writes or thinks like this, either.
  5. by   passion4people
    Really???? Let us not forget the reason for this forum......BTW...Happy New Year !!!
  6. by   not.done.yet
    Lots of nurses without stipulations are having difficulty getting hired as well. I understand your frustration, but undoubtedly when there are plenty of intact licenses to choose from, one requiring special accommodations is going to be less hirable. It has little to do with Florence Nightingale or compassion and a lot to do with supply and demand. I am sorry for your difficulties and hope you find something somewhere soon.
  7. by   T-Bird78
    Review your resume for spelling/grammatical errors and make sure there's no "text" language on there. Without getting info it's hard to give you suggestions on how to handle your stipulations. There's always a neutral, diplomatic way to present everything. Maybe if we had more info we could offer more assistance.
  8. by   ProfRN4
    What are your stipulations?

    Also, people who aren't hiring you (even without stipulations) are not "Un-Florence Nightinglae-like". They are businesspeople who do not have $ in their budget to train/hire a new nurse.
  9. by   Inori
    eh not much to be said just that you'll have to keep trying, apply everywhere, in person and online and just hope someone out there will give you a chance. Impress your interviewer, contacts and do your best. Yes it is supply vs. demand at the moment there's a whole lot of well expereinced nurses in the 3-5 yr range which is what facilities and hospitals seem to want these days not too much exp (expensive) and not zero exp (requires too much investment). Yes and use proper english, formal writing style and no text speech in writing or speaking as impressions is everything. I'd suggest you take a good hard look at yourself and answer this question. What am I good for? because if you see yourself as damaged goods then that is what you are and what everyone else will see. Believe in your self and others will do the same. The fact that you still have a license with limits means you've potential still as nurse otherwise the board would have taken your license for good, you've made a mistake, learned from it and now have to live with the consequences and need a chance to prove yourself. good luck
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  10. by   LadyFree28
    What are your "stipulations"...are you disabled??? Can you please explain your information more please?
  11. by   traumaRUs
    If these are narcotic stips, dialysis is recovery-friendly.
  12. by   bbolden
    Quote from traumaRUs
    If these are narcotic stips, dialysis is recovery-friendly.
    Hi may I ask you I'm a nurse who just received my license I do have stipulations but I can pass narcotics and I have to take a jurisprudence and ethics class and drug testing for one year is there any where I may get hired