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  1. passion4people

    Florida RN to Paramedic?

    I have been told by a pretty reliable source that you can challenge the paramedic exam in Florida as a nurse. The steps to do so I do not know but I do plan on getting that information myself. I will share as soon as I get the details.
  2. passion4people

    Nursing Classroom Education: The big bang of powerpoint slavery

    It's good to know that others felt the same way in lectures. My mind would drift off shortly after lecture started. I guess I'm okay after all. Something needs changing within the method of teaching. Thanks for the post.
  3. passion4people

    average pay for HHN in Georgia

    State, area, type, and location is definitely a factor. I guess I should start packing and head to Michigan.
  4. passion4people

    average pay for HHN in Georgia

    The visit rate is fair. Remember location is also considered when factoring wages. I think that it is reasonable for Georgia's cost of living. I will not mention agencies that I know are paying much less in Florida and the cost of living is much higher, especially in South Florida.
  5. passion4people

    Passed NCLEX-RN with 265 Questions?

    Congratulations !!!!:up:
  6. Really???? Let us not forget the reason for this forum......BTW...Happy New Year !!!
  7. Thank you........Well said. You have my upmost respect. You are needed.....Thanks
  8. passion4people

    Licensed in a state that i dont live in..

    Congratulations!!!! You need to go to FBON and complete an application for endorsement. You will still be licensed in New York. The FBON website will provide you with all the required information for endorsement. Best Wishes
  9. passion4people

    leaving my first job after 3 months due to bullying

    Sorry to say but that scenario does not seem like it will get better. Run.........you will be putting your license at risk if you stay. Put it in writing, effective immediately. Wishing you the best.....
  10. passion4people

    fetal demise

    I do believe that there is medication that causes the milk to dry up.I don't remember the name. No stimulation and a good support bra. Hope you receive some relief.
  11. passion4people

    fetal demise

    Hugs and prayers are sent your way. Somethings we cannot understand, but know that we are here for you. Trust that through prayer and the support of family and friends it will help you through this painful time. Don't be afraid to contact support group. Most of of all know that you did nothing wrong. It was your love, compassion, and intuition as a mother that something was wrong. I send my deepest regards on the loss of Ezekiel.God bless you and your family.
  12. passion4people

    Wow!! I took my boards yesterday....

    :cheers::w00t::clpty::dancgrp:CONGRATULATIONS ! ! !
  13. passion4people

    Need prayers, just failed for the 4th time on NCLEX RN :(

    If this is your dream do not give up. You are capable of passing this exam. You have already passed the RN program. Maybe you need to revamp your study plan. Use your letter you received to come up with a study plan based on your strengths and weaknesses. Someone just posted a really good website called Exams- RNpedia. I believe it is listed under the home or nurses page. Get yourself a good support system. Give yourself a break before you continue your test preparation. Not knowing what methods of reviewing you have already engaged in the previous attempts I can only suggest you continue with your dream of nursing. Prayers in progress for you. Best wishes and be encouraged. Prayers go up and blessings come down.:redpinkhe:redpinkhe:redpinkhe
  14. passion4people

    Great board exam reviewer

    Thanks.....it is a great website...many should benefit from it's content. I am definitely sharing it with others.:)
  15. passion4people

    PTEC St. Pete vs. Galen Tampa Bay...Driving myself crazy!

    Most ASN programs are 3-4 years in length. You have to complete your pre-reqs first and then you are accepted into the Nursing Program. Pre-reqs take about 1 1/2-2 years to complete. The RN nursing program is about 1 1/2 years. If you have your pre -reqs complete of course you are looking at less time. The average student it takes 3-4 years. This is the generic program. Good luck ! ! !:)