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Does anyone know of any hospital that are currently hiring new grads without any experience? I graduated May '09, and it's so hard finding a job without experience. Thanks.... Read More

  1. by   nursejoecon
    thank you greytRNtobe! As much as possible I would like to stay in vegas. I am giving myself till next year to find a job. if none, then there's no other option but to relocate. There are just a ton of things to consider when relocating. I do hope I'll be able to find a job here in vegas, I will take even volunteer opportunities!
  2. by   pchs052010
    Here in Tampa, Fl. Florida Hospital
  3. by   KDHoost
    I graduated in July and passed boards in August...Ive been looking for jobs in the Tampa, FL area and everyone has told me they don't have New Grad positions at this time but to please come back when I have at least 6months experience if not 1 year....I am starting to lose hope I can't relocate as I am married and my husband has only been at his current job for 6 months. Any tips or ideas to get my foot in the door??
  4. by   hotflashion
    Maybe you can get some experience while volunteering at one of the many free clinics in the Tampa area:

    I volunteer at a clinic (once a week for ~3 hours) and because of my experience there I now know I don't want to work in a hospital, I want to do ambulatory care, preferably with an underserved population. It has not yet led to a job but I expect it might.
  5. by   KDHoost
    Thank you so much for the link. I actually just sent in an application to start volunteerting at the St Petersburg Free Clinic because I was hoping that it would lead to opportunities and of course I'd be helping people out
  6. by   samyaira
    Hopefully everyone looking as of the last post has found jobs. Let's keep this thread alive for those who came after us....
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