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  1. by   suzanne4
    Please be aware that nothing is listed on the Pearson-Vue website and it will be months before a center opens, same as it has been with every other foreign center that has opened. For those of you already with the ATT, you will still need to make arrangements to test before the expiriation date of the document.
  2. by   loryn
    if the Philippines produce roughly around 40,000 registered nurses yearly, imagine how will the testing center here cope in the first months of its opening.

    do the Math!

  3. by   khirbz
    This will be a good celebration to those who will still take the exam... Goodluck to all...
  4. by   elleparis
    We should be happy of the things that NCSBN announcement that Manila, Philippines, as the new site for the NCLEX examination. It will be NCSBN and Pearson Vue will do the coordinating on how things will be doing in the Philippines.

    Let us not think of negative things let's be positive we know that the first year will be a bulk of the examinees. If others can't wait they can still schedule their NCLEX with Asian country or USA. What is important NCSBN already considered our country. God bless Philippines.
  5. by   miss_cy
    and all the proud filipino nurses will!!!!! all right! now, watch out ncsbn for the coming of the bestest nurses in the world!

    nclex here we come!!!!! wwoohhhhooo! thank god!
  6. by   mgfan1001
    Quote from ricph

    NCLEX finally coming to the Philippines -- according to a Philippine Board of Nursing member

    I hope this is true!
    This is very true! I've read the news on the NCSBN website,,, and it says the same thing!!! Still waiting for implementation.....
  7. by   mgfan1001
    i hope the timeframe is 3 months, just like the other foreign test centers....
  8. by   mgfan1001
    i wonder why NCSBN selects Pearson Professional Centers and not Pearson Authorized Centers..... If it selected pearson authorized centers, there are so many in the philippines....
  9. by   lawrence01
    There is increasing possibility that NCLEX testing could be implemented this year. Any formal announcements would have to be made on Pearson-VUE's website.

    Quote from a local newspaper:

    " Pearson-VUE, the company that actually handles the NCLEX outside America, made an extra pitch. Fraser Cargill, as Asia-Pacific director, said that if anyone has to worry about exam and physical security, it's him. Yet his firm gives out three other international tests in the Philippines, including supposedly deadly Mindanao, and has had no hitches. Cargill added that only in the Philippines is his work being made easier by a Task Force that reports directly to the President. It was thus that he gave an estimate of three months max to set up the first NCLEX test site in Manila. "

    Click to read entire article:
  10. by   kathykaye
    great news! :hatparty::biere::smiley_aa
  11. by   lavalin

    Very good Lawrence! Good Job!
  12. by   ark18
    Finally, paydirt!!! After months being in career limbo my eyes have seen the glory!
  13. by   miss_cy
    see the purpose of the so called "june 2006 nle mess" ???
    the task force nclex was able to proved that we are able to correct what is wrong and to proved to the ncsbn that we deserved to hold an nclex testing center here in manila.

    everything happens for a reason, indeed we can only correct a mistake by doing what is right and not patching it with somethng wrong that wud jus make it worse.

    god knows how to teach

    praise him

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