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john83 has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg,OPD ER,School/Clinic,Teaching.

I'm a March 2004 Philippine BSN graduate with a simple dream of permanently immigrating to the USA, working there happily as a nurse and becoming a US citizen.

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  1. TX board will also not issue license without the US SSN. I have a friend who directly applied for licensure by exam, when she passed the test,she didn't get the license because she doesn't have ssn. Like CA, they also require it.
  2. Okay, thanks for the information.
  3. Indeed, you are absolutely correct. Yes, right. Thanks for presenting your view and I agree with it. I just hope that in the near future, SSA could address this one, I mean, giving what they lack to get the license, the US social security number. Having a license number is very important for nurses, I hope someday all boards will issue the RN license to those who are qualified.
  4. This particular statement is what I find most interesting... Has anyone tried to contact the US social security with this source? I would really be interested to hear of the results... Maybe they could provide an SSN number that does not have work authorization, just for the purpose of completing the licensure process. ITIN does not interest me, as I am against the use of it too because SSN is required not ITIN. I know of a particular agency here in the Philippines that charges a huge fee for such an otiose service of gaining license through the ITIN instead of the SSN.
  5. john83

    Chong hua hospital jci accreditation

    Congratulations! That hospital is near our province, I mean it's nearer than Manila from where I'm at. I wonder what are the chances of getting hired in that facility and I'm wondering if they are hiring nurses there right now...Hope many other hospitals here in the Philippines would also apply for the JCI accreditation... By the way, I first learned of this news when I read a newspaper that's distributed nationwide...I find the female physician in her white coat cute, very pretty...:heartbeat I wonder what her complete name is or if you know her...:icon_rollPlease PM me of your response.:typing Highly appreciated.:cheers: Thank you.:redpinkhe
  6. page 19 there in that document is very interesting...
  7. You may not fully understand how or why we Filipinos would react to such, as you were not exposed to the kind of difficulties we have here in the Philippines. After all these horrible things that are happening there in K.S.A. , they'd require it now. It used to be quickest path to earn to help families economically(than staying here in the Philippines and working as a nurse). It's another closed avenue then for the majority of Filipino nurses... Actually, for me, it would work well, because through that, we can somehow discourage Christians from going into a place where they cannot practice their religion(sacrificing faith for money). Sorry, wrong statement, I was being too emotional with what happened to that Filipino who got whipped due to the practice of faith...Good riddance to KSA as an option for nurses! May KSA also require IELTS soon... I have changed my view and consider it as the BEST move of the century by the Saudi Arabian government and their ministry of health. Yes, you are right, a nation should safeguard its citizen at all costs.
  8. To add insult to injury: http://www.ofwguide.com/article_item-1239/Filipino-Nurses-Bound-To-Saudi-Arabia-To-Take-Prometric-Exam.html
  9. Here's an interesting link : https://www.ncsbn.org/08_Manual_for_International_nurses.pdf
  10. john83

    IV therapy training schedules

    ANSAP training for IV certification/license is limited, by that I mean that not all of the nurses in the country can apply for the training especially if they are away from Manila. Here in Bacolod, I haven't heard of any upcoming or scheduled training, since I became a nurse. That is why, I'd favor the change into a federal form of government for the Philippines, so that islands like Negros Occidental can stand on its own. Like in the US, each state has its own board of nursing; it'd prefer that here too. I don't know if they'd empower us really, the nurses from the province without even going to Manila...
  11. john83

    help! should i switch?

    I'm sorry to hear about this, and personally and I am saddened by this "inequality/bias" among employers...I have nothing against the female counterpart, however, I feel as is there is some sort of discrimination worldwide among hiring firms these days...They seem to prefer women over men, giving men fewer chances of landing a job or even just getting an experience of the job. Making this a catch-22 scenario for males who have dreams/goal of raising their family. Locally in the Philippines, I would suggest that we males unite and suggest that congressmen/senators draft a bill that will protect the male population from such bias, even at the home country. Wherein there should be an equal proportion of male employees to female employees in a particular company, or something like that. I pray for you and I share the sentiment that you have...You are not alone.
  12. Since CHED has not issued any guidelines or did any branch of the government issue IPR(implementing rules and regulations), the details of these degrees vary from school to school. Some schools who do not offer MN, just have MAN and MSN, with the former being the shorter(and lesser in units/subjects to earn the degree). Some have the MN and MAN, with the latter bearing the longer time to finish(more units to earn the degree). Some have the MN program as the non-thesis, while the MAN as the one with the thesis. Some schools even have MN degrees that have thesis in their program. I think it's a matter of preference on the part of the school, which degree to offer...So far, I have not seen a particular school in the Philippines that offers all three degrees altogether...They just make a choice. If given a choice, I'd go for one that bears the MSN degree, because for me personally, it's the one that clearly indicates your advancement from the BS to the MS degree.
  13. I'm not sure if we have "TRUE" online programs here, but from the looks of it, we still have a long way to go...I don't think it's going to be implemented here in the near future...We are way behind the USA in almost all aspects, including distance/online learning... Probably these schools are not 100% online, we don't have that capability yet. Why get in the the Philippines when you can get it elsewhere, especially in the USA?
  14. john83

    Nclex Payment

    This bank draft/demand draft issue has been in existence for quite a long time now in RP banks where a client would seem to have no option or nowhere to go unless he/she is really rich and can afford to open an account. If I were a bank, I'd deal on this problem and be the first to address this concern. I'm sure many will gladly pay for this service, especially if you offer it at a low rate...Can you just imagine that even if it's a little amount but if you monopolize it...Banks, just consider the nursing population nowadays...It's like refusing profit...
  15. john83

    Military Nursing in the Philippines

    It's due to this discrimination in scores why USA had to do away with numbers...I hope RP will also implement a PASS/FAIL type of result in the near future...

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