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    Don't be sad. If you feel you are being had by requiring you to pay for volunteering then don't. These kind of set-up is deplorable in the first place and there is absolutely no guarantee they will even hire you afterwards. These so-called volunteer programs are being used by the hospitals as a milking cow. They get two things out of it: 1) they are saving money by not formally hiring anyone, 2) they get money for letting you volunteer. It's suppose to be "volunteer". Also, the Dept. of Labor and Employment will be proposing very soon, sometime next month that nurses currently working in hospitals cannot just leave their positions if they cannot find someone to replace them, regardless if the nurse has finished the contract or not. Meaning, if that nurse cannot find a replacement, then she can potentially be on that position forever. The PNA is already up in arms with this initial proposal and will challenge it as being against human rights w/c it really is. So, don't be too hot on being hired. It may even be a blessing in disguise if that proposal actually succeeds.