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khirbz has 12 years experience and specializes in Medical-Surgical, Orthopedics.

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  1. khirbz

    Immigration Requirements for Australia and New Zealand

    IMHO jems a mix of documents would suffice. This is based on my recent PR application and previous 457 visa.
  2. khirbz

    Immigration Requirements for Australia and New Zealand

    Afaik with my dealings with AU immigration is that they are accepting scanned original documents as long as it is coloured.
  3. khirbz

    Renewing of Visa Screen

    I think its much of a hassle if you go through it all over again. It would be easy and cheaper just to renew it. Hoping that in that span of 5 years your PD will come. What I did since you've got a year to meet the renewal requirements is I submitted all my documents on the 11th month. In that way I was to somewhat extend the expiry to a total of nearly 6 years. Because the date of 5 year expiry will depend on when you fulfil all the requirements... Good luck...
  4. khirbz

    visa screen renewal without US license

    If you have paid for the renewal before it expire then you have a year to fulfil the requirements for the visascreen.
  5. khirbz

    visa screen renewal without US license

    You will still be able to renew without a US license. You still need to sit ielts again and request the philippine professional regulation commission for your license status in the philippines.
  6. khirbz

    New grad in Ortho/neuro

    Yes. Usually we have just 5 patients. Because when you get six its already very busy. I think its very busy because I'm just a little new but I think when I'll get a few months experience then thats the time I'll have a good time management and good prioritization. Goodluck on you first week.
  7. khirbz

    Ortho vs Med/Surg

    Although most of our patients are ortho patients we still get medical and surgical patients as well. Because most of the cases we have are elective surgeries thats why the ward is not always full so are an overflow ward. If the medical is full then we accept patients from other wards.
  8. khirbz

    Knee Replacement

    Most of our patients are discharge after 2-3 days unless they have other concerns in going home. Especially if they are not safe in going home.
  9. khirbz

    New grad in Ortho/neuro

    I just had my first month in ortho ward and its been wonderful learning all those nursing cares that is only exclusive to orthopaedic wards. I've worked in medical surgical nursing before but its entirely different in ortho. I had a four week preceptorship program which I was able to gain confidence in working with ortho patients. In a few weeks from now I will gain more knowledge in the field of orthopedics and I'm liking it already...
  10. khirbz

    Fee for US Visa Screening

    I paid $448.
  11. khirbz

    Happy Birthday Suzanne

    Happy Birthday Suzanne. May God bless you always.
  12. khirbz

    Failed For The 3rd Time

    The above is very true. It was my habit way back in college that I would only study the night before the actual exam. On my NLE I studied on the day before until 10 pm. That night I wasn't able to get some good sleep because my mind was still at work. Anxiety plus fear was in my mind. So, I highly recommend to do some long term studying and keep it a habit that you'll have a regular study period. When you study you focus, when break time comes you really have to get some rest. Its just a matter of discipline. God bless on your exam.
  13. khirbz

    Good News for NEW ZEALAND

    No. It does not qualify. You need at least one year experience. I think volunteer program is still considered by NZ as experience.
  14. I think it actually depends on what hospital you are volunteering. Here in our place volunteers are responsible for their patients but with a minimum load. I mean like no more than 4 patients only. A little less load than those who are really paid.
  15. please visit www.nurse2nz.blogspot.com They can help each way step by step. You can also join their forums http://nurse2nz.forumotion.com. Godbless.
  16. khirbz

    What are your plans as a RN?

    As I've read the posts here, it made me think that I was in the same situation years back when I graduated. I have the very same dreams the members have here. During my time most RNs are trying their best to get to US. This is my dream also. After I graduated last 2005 I started working for my dream right away. Things I've achieved so far: 1.Passed NLE (June 2005) 2.Volunteer Experience (Oct. - Dec. 2005) 3.CGFNS (July 2006) 4.IELTS (Sept 2006) 5.NCLEX (Jan 2007) 6.VSC (May 2007) 7.PD (May 2007) I've provided a timeline for you guys. So silly to think that after passing all the exams and have provided all the requirements you still can't go. If it frustrates us that we are already halfway through, how much more for those who are still beginning. But don't lose hope, there will be good things that will happen along the way. For example, I'm still working here in one of the hospitals and the supervisors are very supportive when it comes to your plan of going abroad. They even have on-call programs that if you want to take an exam just ask the supervisor for a vacation leave. Then after taking the exam you can apply again to the same hospital to be back on their on-call program. They don't discriminate me for passing all the exams. I just explained to them that there is really a retrogression going on and that it would still be years when I'll leave. To think that nowadays they even prefer those that have already a pending visa application for a regular staff knowing that they will not stop working just to take an exam. Almost all of the regular staff here are only waiting for their PD(priority date) to be current. After more than a year of waiting I finally decided to take my chances in applying for New Zealand. I have a one year experience and have 7+ Ielts. I'm now waiting for my approval. So, guys if you have big dreams don't let anything steal it away. Work each in attaining your goal. Step by step we'll reach our dreams. Goodluck to us all.