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You all have heard of them and of course we never actually use any of these terms but somehow they are there and everyone knows them....... There the "unofficial" abbreviation list like ... Read More

  1. by   RNAnnjeh
    Code Brown.....self explanatory
    Nintendo Thumb.....reason why pulse ox. monitor continuously rings off

  2. by   drpsrn
    That is the truth, Phil1968 but what about hypoxanaxemia
  3. by   rnsrgr8t
    I have a few
    4F- female flatulent fat and forty
    MMP- mulitple medical problems
    PWT- poor white trash (this is a southern saying and if you are from down south you know what this means)
    Poopish - another word for constipated
    On the peds floor that I worked on in nursing school (10 years ago) we had these little patient care kits shaped like school buses we gave the families. When we had babies in the NICU that really needed to go to heaven, we used to place one of them on the incubator and almost without fail they would pass on within 24 hours. We had this saying "time for the little yellow bus" everytime we had a patient that was circling the drain.
  4. by   NYTramaRN
    GBI= Gomer Boomerang Index: the interval of days that pass before a frequent flier is seen again, if it's lengthening it's a positive index.

    PRN= Patient recieved nothing.
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  5. by   jollygreenRN
    TBAR- That boy ain't right.
    CTD- Circling the drain
    DRT- Dead right there.
    Nursing Challenge- You know the patient refered to....nasty, disrespectful, FMPS, want's any and all narcotic pain meds known to man on a q1 hr basis, and only by IV push......
    Acute momectomy- Patient's mother needs to go home and get a life. Usually still attached by an invisible umbilical cord to their 34 yr old unmarried son, who is in the hospital for an infected toe, and feeds and bathes him every day.
  6. by   AfloydRN
    CCFCP- coocoo for cocoa puffs, DFO- done fell out, CTD circling the drain, UCT- unauthorized celestial transfer
  7. by   kadokin
    Morphine Deficient
  8. by   indigo girl
    Twit, this is someone who is being a PIA, maybe extubating themselves in the unit or acting out in your LTC setting. They make you just want to get out the ativan for yourself or for them.
  9. by   navynurse06
    OK I love this one. An RN told me this one when I worked at the VA in TN.
    Its called the tooth to Tattoo ratio:
    If the pt has more Tattoos than teeth, than no matter what they won't die, and you can't kill them.
    And oh it was soooo true! We had several pts that proved this to be true when I worked there. (not that I actually tried to kill someone, but you get the point).
  10. by   PedsRN1991
    Can't believe I haven't seen these:

    AFU - All "fouled" Up (You know, those 23 weekers that were saved, and are now on the peds floor).

    SGP - shallow gene pool
  11. by   jill48
    PIA, of course, but I guess we all use that one. I'm ashamed to admit that I have admitted more than my fair share of "trainwrecks".
  12. by   jill48
    Oh, I almost forgot, Vitamin "A" for Ativan.
  13. by   CVICURN2003
    SAS = "Sick as Sh**" I use this one frequently
    DOV = Dead on Vent, for those that we are breathing for them, making their heart beat etc....

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