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  1. Ohmygosh

    I Dislocated My Kidney I Can't Poop

    I laughed so hard I think I fractured my funny bone... which caused the diet sunkist I was drinking to fly outta my nose...now I cant pee!!! Geez...next time give a girl some warning before posting such important medical information.:uhoh21:
  2. Ohmygosh

    Ways I have heard Metoprolol pronounced...by medical personnel.

    I had a psych instructor who called cannabis - cannon balls, and hallucinogens --hal loose no jeans. Took me half an hour of lecture to figure out what the heck she was talking about. Me thinks she might have smoked a couple of "cannon balls" before coming to class.
  3. Ohmygosh

    Liquid Stool - Orange

    Well...since this is a private forum and only us professionals read this stuff I'll share my interesting stool event. I recently started a low calorie diet that includes drinking lots of water. Water drinking is tough for me because plain ole' water makes me nauseated. So I decided to use those little Crystal Light singles. I really love the lemonade flavor -but decided to expand my horizons and try a few different flavors. I found a new flavor "fruit punch"... it tastes great...I drank lots and lots of water flavored with it. And lost a few pounds too. Anyway...I go to the bathroom one day and "OH MY GOSH" --- the entire toilet is blood RED!!--OH crap --I have a GI Bleed....What the heck...I feel fine...Actually never felt better. It took a few minutes before I realized what had happened....the Fruit Punch is very very RED. Yep--it has dyed my stool red ....Sheesh what a relief. :smackingf So....I have bared my soul to say perhaps your patient has found a new Crystal Light flavor I dont know about. BWT...I love oranges!!!:lol_hitti
  4. Ohmygosh

    Can a patient purposefully become febrile?

    Has he been tested for TB??
  5. The facility policy where I work says to leave in place until a new one is placed. I don't necessarily agree - but I try to play by the rules.
  6. Ohmygosh

    Curious what your school would do?

    DH= Dear Husband
  7. Ohmygosh

    Most RN's first borns?

    9 children in my family--I am # 7 and a nursing student I have one sister (#4) who is an RN I also have two brothers (# 6, #9) who are RN's ....all with an ETOH Dad and emotionally absent Mother!..... Another one of my brother's (#3) daughter (1st born) is an RN --definitely no ETOH there. BTW - my two RN brothers are married to RN's who are both 1st borns with ETOH Dad's
  8. Ohmygosh

    Questions for Nursing Students

    several of my instructors have been younger than me. i personally don't have an issue with that. i try to keep a positve/willing to learn attitude at all clinicals regardless of what other students have said about a particular instructor. i dont care if the instructor is old or young --he/she knows something i need/want to know and i am going to pick his/her brain until i understand.
  9. Ohmygosh

    Curious what your school would do?

    Just have to add my 2 cents worth on this topic...passing meds without the clinical instructor or primary nurse present is a definite no-no in my Community College ADN program. You would receive at the very least an unsatisfactory for the day --2 "U"'s and you are dismissed from the program. As for the lying to CYA--that would result in immediate dismissal from the program (seen as academic dishonesty - and gross negligence). As far as the CC vs University debate-- I have to agree with most of the posters here. Community College does not mean poor quality. My state recently underwent a statewide articulation of all nursing programs (CC and University) In other words we all have the same curriculum -- we all have to meet the same requirements to graduate. We all have to pass the same NCLEX. I can tell you for certain that all of the programs in my state are highly competitive and choose quality students.. most if not all have a GPA requirement of at least 3.6. And as far as my Community College goes ...our grading standard is higher than general academic courses....93 or above =A and anything below a 76 is a big ol' F A T Hairy "F" (prereq's included)...So I guess with the grading curve we would actually have higher GPA's if we (nursing students) were graded on the same scale as all the other students. But what do I know... I attend a Community College.
  10. Ohmygosh

    Use of Calculators, open to all RNs

    i am not a nurse yet... but i did stay at a holiday inn express last night....just kidding, i am a second year nursing student and each semester we have a dosages and calculations test which we are required to obtain a certain score on. each semester the score requirement is higher. anyway... during the first year we were not allowed to use calculators at all. i think that this was beneficial to learn to calculate without one in the case of some massive disaster in which there is little or no electricity, etc. as far as being looked down upon for using a calculator--i can't see that being a problem. as jessicrn said it without calculator there is too much margin for error. as far as study tips... it depends on what type of learning style you have. i have found that staying very organized helps me. always anticipate what is coming next. set aside a very specific amount of time to complete your assignments (careful not to cut yourself short). take frequent breaks during study time - gives you a chance to sort of digest what concepts you just read... and may clarify some things in your mind. if you find yourself spending too much time re-reading because you don't understand something. re-read it once then make yourself a note "look up so-and-so" then move on. it may become clearer further on in the text. for those things that you make notes on...try looking them up in a taber's medical dictionary. and if that doesn't work and you still don't understand --ask someone in your class to explain it to you -or- when you have all the little questions you are still not clear on-- take your list of questions and stop by to see your instructor, email the instructor, or call the instructor - whatever your schools particular policy is. it has been my experience that instructor are willing to help. and lastly... i just love webmd. the site is easy to use and easy reading. good luck!
  11. Ohmygosh

    I woke up during surgery, Have you?

    About 10 years ago I woke up during a dental procedure to extract 4 wisdom teeth. I remember hearing someone say "She's waking up" - and I remember trying to remove whatever objects that were in my mouth. And "blink" I was out again. The Dr. asked me later if I remembered waking up.
  12. :rotfl: I do remember green stamps all too well .... something very similar to this actually happened to my sister on her very first gyno visit when she was a teenager --The nurse asked her for a urine sample -- she went into the restroom and got the sample but there was no tissue in the restroom, so she reaches into her purse andpulls out some kleenex tissues -- she didnt know the green stamps were attached to her "area" until she was in the stirrups-- the Dr pulled back the sheet and began to laugh histerically -- the nurse also began to laugh and both left the room in stitches. My poor sister didnt know what was happening-- it was her very first visit to the gyno -- she was clueless - finally the nurse composed herself and came back into the room and removed the green stamps and held them up toward my sister and said "the Dr. said to say he is sorry but he doesn't accept green-stamps for payment" ---This was over 30 years ago now --But I still chuckle a little to myself everytime I go to the gyno!
  13. Ohmygosh

    Anyone take the HESI?

  14. Ohmygosh

    Best lotion & hand soap?

    Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion is the absolute best out there for dry-cracked hands.
  15. Ohmygosh

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    all i can say is oh my gosh .........some of these stories are funny, some interesting, some happy and some truly terrifying to the point where i think i would have to call a "code brown" on myself!!