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  1. New to CM

    I'm not familiar with the program you referenced... I did hit the link, and checked it ouot.. Most of the places are going to want CCM for what you are doing, I would suspect. Don't get me wrong, I imagine the course material is very relevant, and...
  2. Opinions on a term.

    Gypsy is often used to identify an ethnic population known as Romani or Roma. In our city, there is a large segment of Roma population. They typically all have the same last name. In general, when one is hospitalized, the whole family comes to the h...
  3. What freak occurrences have you seen?

    Pt with minor finger lac... local to sew shut.. Pt of course reports no allergy to local anesthetic... Doc injects... pt. codes before syringe is empty... Boy anaphylaxis. you never know when it's gonna getcha.
  4. When to give a HINN

    When pt is no longer meeting IP criteria for Medicare ( no longer has medical necessity to be in hospital)... pt has 3 days to respond to your letter of intent to discharge, or they are responsible for payment after that date, I only have had to do...
  5. Nurse CM Reality Check

    Again... I think 1800 people is too many for one person to effectively manage... especially high risk, problem prone folks that you describe... IMO, but as I said, I don't manage this kind of case load... I cry when I get to 30 people in the acute s...
  6. Nurse CM Reality Check

    Well.... I don't have your job, but I do case management. I can't imagine trying to case manage 1800 souls. You don't say if this is disease specific or what, but MAN, that sounds like a daunting proposition. A little more info may be helpful to some...
  7. Interested in Case Management--lost as to where to start

    First of all... sorry nobody has replied yet to your query... as for me, I'm often not home early enough to get to my 'puter to login. I work in Hospital based Case Management for a large tertiary health system in the midwest. I do the Level 1 and 2 ...
  8. Case Managers--I need your advice please

    I "lucked" into my position, and sometimes that is the way people get started. Sometimes you have to wait for somebody to move so a vacancy opens. Just depends... I see you are in Fla... I recommend looking on various CM sites... many have positions ...
  9. Why does this seem impossible?

    You have great credentials for role. I'm curious... why not in hospital setting. That is where I work; the pay is great, we are salaried, and have few on call + no travel. I recommend you try the different CM web sites, many of them have places to l...
  10. My group home experience, at least it inspired me to create.

    I looked it over, and I thought it was very creative and a great idea... I think you should continue developing this... Just be careful, though, that you don't gi ve too much info away... you will lose the rights to it, if someone steals your idea, a...
  11. Wichita Ks,,, come to the land if Oz.... seriously!!
  12. Strange job interview...thoughts on this?

    The system where I work, HR sends the interview, and the manager carries it out. does the actual meeting with prospective employee... I dunno.... hard to read people sometimes
  13. pyxis dilemma

    This is not a pyxis problem... it is a drug diversion problem. And it is YOUR problem too, if you don't identify it as such to your management team.
  14. Certified Life Planner

    No... what I am referring to is a person ( RN's are being trained) to do life planning for say someone with a catastrophic injury, cord injury say or TBI), and then with tools, training, software Iguess, and algorithims design a life plan... cost of ...
  15. Certified Life Planner

    I have somewhat abandoned my quest for LNC, due in large part to the huge financial outlay it requires, and I think my community is probably not large enough to support that role... not enough business. I also see a career path of Certified Life Plan...