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  1. by   mlolsonny
    Mom's XBF was a first responder.

    So he's home alone and notices that his foot feel wet. Upon exam discovers a vericose vein had burst and was bleeding profusely. Calmly walks to the phone, dials 911, walks to the front door and unlocks it, lays newspaper on the stairs, then lies down with feet elevated on newspapers on the stairs. "Well you know how hard it is to get blood out of carpet?" He was totally cool and calm throughout the whole thing.

    I couldn't believe it!!

    He calls me one AM to tell me "I thought I should call and let you know that your mom's in the hospital. She had emergency surgery last night to remove her gallbladder, but I didn't want to wake you..." I was a thousand miles away and couldn't have done anything anyway, but he was so calm.
  2. by   Heather333
    My husband has it bad. I'm an RN, so is his mom, 2 sisters, and BIL. He is so used to hearing "shop" talk at dinner that it doesn't even phase him anymore. Poor Guy! He tends to cut himself working on the cars or the house. Most of the time he doesn't need stiches. He always tells me that a paper towel and some duct tape will fix it!

  3. by   casperbjs
    3 years ago both of my sons were into rollerbalading, playing hockey. My youngest son who was 16 at the time was the goalie.
    My other son was 19. They were in the park playing which is a short way from the house. It was about 6:00 p.m. and I had come home from work tired, and laid down on the couch and was taking a quick nap. When all of a sudden my oldest son zooms in the front door with rollerblades on and says, Mom, Josh broke his ankle. I ask, (very calmly) how do you know it's broken? He says, believe me, he broke it! So I drive to the park, and sure enough he had a dislocation of the ankle, which was reduced, and fx. of shaft of rt. fibula with a distal tibiofibular diastasis. Had open reduction and internal fixation of the distal tibia & fibula with single screw.
    He had to go by rescue squad, he's 6 foot and I would have never got him in my car in the shape he was in.
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  4. by   RNFROG3
    okay.. okay confession is good for the soul right?
    2 years ago I had strarted working at my present hospital on the med-surg floor. Amazingly and thankfully we had enough staff that night cuz...
    At 19:30 my daughter then 8 years old calls crying (like I would be mad at her) telling me CJ her older brother had fallen from a tree and had broken his arm. I asked her if it was bleeding, protruding and how high from which he fell, did he havee any loc and told her how to check for cap refill. Everything checked out over the phone. I told her ice, ace, elevate and take a motrin.That I wasn't convinced it was broken and I wasn't sure I could leave(I just got there at 19:00) WELLL...upon telling my co-workers they agreed to cover me and I ran home (15 min)
    Then I wasn't convinced it wasn't broken but sheesh what would the ER do at night , right? It looked like he might have a little diformity to his wrist so I baseball splinted it and slinged him. Made sure the alarm was set so he could take more motrin and told him to go to sleep. Welll it ws broken but the docs in the ER said they would've done the exact thing I did only may be given him a narc to take for pain. I probably wouldn't have given him since Motrin was working just fine. ANd I only missed an hour of work time ---but still feel guilty. I try to be a little more compassionate now but colds and flu get no where with me. No staying home from school unless you plas on staying in bed. No tv, video games nothing ( well maybe classical music) if they have a fever over 101 and agree to this then I know they are sick. (Its funny they aren't sick too often)
  5. by   Brandidrn
    My kids hate how unless blood is spewing from an artery or have a bone protruding u r fine and sick days nope gotta prove it with ebola pustules or the vomit. Go to school! My husband pooped his pants years ago when I told him he was fine go to work lol!
  6. by   Njtex99
    The worst part is the show was written by a doctor (his back up career).
    Quote from nurseyperson
    My husband hates to watch the TV show ER with me...he says I ruin it for him. I can't help it!!! I have to tell him what they are doing wrong!!! I can't let him believe some of the stuff that they do!!! Even real shows like "Trauma, Life in the ER" on the Lifetime channel get a running commentary from me. My 5 year old daughter does CPR so well from watching all of the medical things on TV...she even wears socks on her hands for gloves!!!!
  7. by   Brandidrn
    My kids school nurse has report for me when she calls! She knows the routine and is prepared she has to call but tells the kids you know your mom is not coming to get you unless I send you out in ambulance.
  8. by   Brandidrn
    My husband says I am terrible at home as a nurse they all say I don't baby them or take care of them when they are sick and I told them the whining about it was why and I don't have to be a nurse at home the same as my husband the mechanic who waits for my truck to completely quit running before he even attempts to look at it!
  9. by   Gooselady
    Hilarious thread

    So true about the children of nurses. Neither of my adult kids were 'that type' to want to be a nurse, but when my daughter's chicken got half eaten by a dog, she packed her wounds with sterile gauze and only called me to check her math on a Penicillin G daily dose for a four pound chicken. The chicken is alive and well two years later, albeit with only half of one thigh. I was so proud of her, and told her she's got the 'right stuff' to be a good nurse but as usual, she shrieked at the very thought of it.