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  1. by   texaslvn
    In the hospital i work at theres a GI doctor by the name Dr. Colon.
  2. by   donmurray
    A medical colleague is trying to find a journal article sent to him, which he gleefully insists was written by a urologist called Dr Burns-Cox !
  3. by   lkushen
    OK, here's mine,

    We've had a patient named Harry Dick (no joke)

    Used to have a Dr. Dakters

    Used to have a Dr. Gaddipatti (overhead operators made it sound like gotta potty)

    And the finale, my last name is Kushen (sounds like cushion) and we once had a supervisor who started calling me pin (my first name is Lynn), therefore I'm Pin Kushen to my coworkers. My daughters hate it when I mention that I considered naming them Whoopi!
  4. by   kimberle
    Hi! We have a Dr. Smiley in town (a dentist). And a husband of one of our pt's. was Harry Richard. (He always introduced himself as Harry Dick).
  5. by   SweetnesssssRN
    I knew a nurse named Abby Normal (Ab Normal) and that she was!! lol I think that I would have gotten married just so my last name would change!
  6. by   Furball
    Hello all! My first post (blush)

    How about an MD named Dr Killem?

    A podiatrist in upstate NY called Dr Finger.

    Really enjoy this BB!
  7. by   KatWright
    A few doc's in my neck of the woods:
    Gastroenterologist - Dr Ana Ma
    OB-GYN - Dr Harry Beaver (Retired)
    Cardiology -Dr Hart
  8. by   challis
    I know of a psychiatrist here in Sydney who is unfortunately named Dr. Allnutt!!

    Ive also had a patient call me a "half nurse" as Im an Enrolled Nurse (similar to an LPN in the USA). He said if I were a "full nurse" I'd be a Registered Nurse. I wasnt sure whether to take offense or just laugh!!

  9. by   stephi57
    Last year, a patient having her 9th baby chose the name Noah saying it's 'cause there will be "no-a more"
  10. by   zashin
    My sister was finishing nursing school and decided to get married before she finished. Her new husband's name was Brain. Her first Initial is P. Her nursing signature would have been P. Brain, RN if she hadn't hyphenated her maiden name to her new married name.
  11. by   TucsonNurseMan
    I am a nursing student in Tucson, AZ USA

    My name is Paul T. Kreul

    I am hoping that people will address me as "Nurse Paul" instead of the traditional "Nurse Kreul".

    People get a good chuckle out of it, and it is usually a good icebreaker. I think the best part is that NO ONE ever forgets my name.

  12. by   tbearrn
    My first dentist's name was Dr. Holler.
  13. by   dachsygirl3
    Originally posted by Jay-Jay
    LOL! The one about Sister Fuchs made me howl!

    Up here we have a nurse with the last name of "Butcher"...and, no, she does not work in the O.R., but in palliative care!

    When I was a kid, we went to:

    a dentist named Dr. Maclean, as in Maclean's toothpaste

    a pediatrician named Dr. Savage (he was anything but!)

    and a family doctor named Dr. Charlton!