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  1. donmurray


    There's usually loads on Ebay if you really must.
  2. donmurray

    Nursing under threat in the UK

    The private sector is doing no better, dependent as it is these days on the lucrative waiting list initiatives. Numbers of PCT referrals are drying up fast in these straitened times.. One local onsite private unit closed last week, with the remaining staff being moved to their older, larger standalone unit to reduce costs.
  3. donmurray

    [UK] Nurses want self-harmers to be given fresh blades

    The question raised is a "matter for discussion" on the agenda of the Royal College of Nursing annual conference here in the UK. As such, it will not be subject to a vote, but may inform future policy, rather than decide it. The topic has been raised by Mental Health nurses as it is a difficult to manage subject which is being encountered more frequently, which needs open debate, rather than being sidestepped, ignored, or even treated punitively, none of which help the "cutter"
  4. donmurray

    Working in the UK with a two year degree

    If you have a Psychology degree, you may find that you can transfer that, and practice as a psychotherapist in the UK..
  5. donmurray

    Royal Naval Reserve

    Hi Pete. 30 years ago, the RNR was based in HMS Claverhouse, a building on Granton Square. They also had a MFV, (Motor Fishing Vessel) and crewed the HMS Killiecrankie (a minesweeper) They wouldn't let me join up!
  6. donmurray

    Adn Rn

    Many if not most British RN's are currently Diplomates rather than Graduates, although that route is becoming the preferred one. Keep up the pressure on the NMC to give you a ruling. Good luck!
  7. donmurray

    Registered General Nurse Scotland Pin

    That sounds like a Scottish registration badge (pin) The silver ones were issued on initial registration, to newly qualified RN's. Bronze for SEN (LPN) The English equivalent then was SRN (State Registered Nurse) There should be an ID number, or even the name of the original owner on the back. ebay uk has a "nursing registration badge" section with pictures...
  8. donmurray

    Pilots offer stress talks to nurses

    A few thoughts on the topic. Will this programme just be for the high flyers in nursing? Will it use grounded theory? Will it be run on a wing and a prayer? Or will it be all airy fairy?
  9. donmurray

    Oramorph: only one signature (TRIAL)

    I googled around, and can't find anything definitive. The NMC regs don't mention a need for a practitioner's signature to be witnessed; http://www.nmc-uk.org/(ysuupzrd5od4ige5op34yjrq)/aFrameDisplay.aspx?DocumentID=221 It has been custom and practice for years, though. See if a union rep can advise. Good luck.
  10. donmurray

    20 Day "Protected Learning", & Why I Loathe The NMC

    Steve, you should register on their discussion board (with a different name ) the moderators often respond to direct questions
  11. donmurray

    Has anyone ever been assaulted by a patient?

    Bobcat, hope you 're feeling better. It seems like you have identified many of the problem areas.. i.e. being expected to care for a potentially dangerous patient, alone, in a closed room, with an ineffective surveillance system. As there is a protocol, one presumes that the behaviour is not new, and this combined with the other aspects of your description of the event would suggest that your employer is not providing a safe workplace, or safe systems of work. I would explore your case with a lawyer, and perhaps talk to OSHA if not a union rep. Meanwhile, make sure the incident is recorded, and don't enter that room alone, certainly not with the door closed.
  12. donmurray

    drug refresher courses????

    I was aware of concerns about covert administration and consent issues, but I would not have put it so baldly as "this is illegal". Crushing a tablet however, changes its form and form is part of a drug's prescription, and its licence for use.This article covers the topic. http://www.professionalnurse.net/nav?page=pronurse.article&resource=588487&fixture_article=588487&category=LAW_ETHICS
  13. donmurray

    drug refresher courses????

    oops, double post
  14. donmurray

    Do you ever get called, 'Doctor'?

    It's tempting to forestall the "only a Nurse" comment by pointing out that you are not "just" a Dr!
  15. donmurray

    Social Workers in the UK

    Pay is broadly the same... not brilliant! Here's some info on registration and training. http://www.gscc.org.uk/The+Social+Care+Register/ On second thoughts, if this is typical, nurses do a little better... http://www.durham.gov.uk/durhamcc/usp.nsf/pws/Social+Care+-+Salary+Scales
  16. donmurray

    night duty--weekends

    From your manager's point of view, the weekend days/nights are the ones he has to pay you extra/unsocial hours payments to work. Most of the night hours attracting such enhancements are on Sat. and Sun.

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