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  1. by   ERRN92
    In the city, there's a sign for an obgyn...Dr. Wiener (pronounced weener).
  2. by   AirforceRN
    In Hamilton, Ontario, Canada:
    Dr Loveless (vasectomies)
    Dr Stubbs (circumcisions)
    and in London, Ontario
    Dr. B.J. Hardick (chiropracter)
  3. by   curiousauntie
    An ob-gyn named Dr. Busch.
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  4. by   curiousauntie
    And how could I forget my pediatrician when I was a child...Dr. Yankavich (like Weird Al). My mother would never let me say his name, I could not pronounce the "v" and instead substituted a "b"...
  5. by   NICUBSNME
    Dr. Superdock (Internal Medicine)
  6. by   MeljabRN
    There is a physician at my hospital "Dr. Doctor" (pronounced: dock-tour).
  7. by   littlepeach
    Dr. Cheatham (cheat-um) pediatrician
  8. by   RetiredTooSoon
    Quote from susyqrn
    Next door to my dentists office, there is a urologist there by the name of Dr. Cockburn.
    I knew of a Dr. Dickout; he should have been a urologist instead of an internist.
  9. by   Simba&NalasMom
    Found in the yellow pages:

    Dr. Gasch--dermatology
    J. Miracle, NP--pain management (I love that one)
    Dr. Handy--surgery
    Dr. Browning--colorectal surgery

    This is awesome LOL.
  10. by   Designer NP
    Dr. Gerber delivered me
    I have also met a nurse named Wednesday and Chinesea (pronounced Cha-neese)
  11. by   Kiringat
    There's a student in our class named Ie (pronounced eye). I've witnessed and been part of several conversations along the lines of:
    "Who did this?"
    "Ie did."
    "Why did you do it that way?!"
    "I didn't do it, Ie did."
    "That's what I just said!"
    "The other student's name is Ie, she's over there!"
  12. by   aussiemags
    Quote from NurseTami
    Oh NO! We ahd a patient named Harry Peters on the Medicare floor at the SNF i just left. It was so hard to talk about his case because his name caused eruptions of giggles every time. Thank God he didn't stay long!
    Harry Peters??? Is that an American joke?? I may be dim but I dont get it. Down here in Australia perhaps its different.
  13. by   aussiemags
    Quote from msblew
    We have a dentist named Dr. Heine Imagine if he had been a proctologist. We also have a general MD named Dr.Clapp to bad he wasn't an ob gyn.
    My GP is called Dr Clapp.