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  1. by   nyapa
    Well, I've worked with a Dr Butcher. And we currently have a Dr Death (but he insists it is pronounced 'deeth')

    Us nurses are called 'nyapa' by our indigenous clients. Its nice, it doesn't just mean 'sister', it means 'sister' in the sense of 'sister and brother'
  2. by   ninfanp
    Quote from Dplear
    Here in Houston we have Dr. Mary Blood....surgeon
    and Dr Gary Butts....yep you guessed it a Proctologist

    haha...haha..ha..ha...that's so funny
  3. by   NurseTricia99
    I had a Dr. Butt who referred me to a Dr. Finger one time! LOL!
  4. by   tiggerforhim
    Quote from TDub
    I used to work with V. Doktor, RN. Nurse Doktor! (We would encourage the demented pts to call out for her)

    I also work in OB with Dr. Apgar and my childhood dentist was Dr. Arff.
    One of my patients' doctor is Dr. Monster.
  5. by   Alois Wolf
    I can just hear it now when I step on the floor for the first time...

    Say hello to Nurse Moran... if anyone ever messes that one up I'll be very upset.
  6. by   nurz2be
    Dr. Badcock is a Pediatric ENT....hmmmmm Yes I spelled his name correctly...
  7. by   Conrad283
    These names are hilarious!
  8. by   fishnets
    there's this resident doc who's surname is Doctor. if someone's asking for him, they all say: "where's Dr. Doctor?"

    talk about being redundant. lol
  9. by   fionnayowcr
    Quote from KaroSnowQueen
    We have a general surgeon named Dr. Dedman - he's actually pretty good. And a Dr. Babee, but he isn't ob or peds!

    Babi in malay language actually means pig
  10. by   ebear
    I worked with a plastic surgeon one time named Dr. Tucker.
  11. by   miss_anneRN
    my maiden name was Austin, another rn's last name Powers... we'd sign chart check as "austin powers"... yea, baby
  12. by   EmmaG
    Quote from nratchet

    There's a sleep specialist who's first name is Wabba, middle name is Wabba and last name is Wabba. So and referals or referances are, send to Dr Wabba Wabba Wabba

    That sounds like the Hamburgler
  13. by   TrudyRN
    We had Dr. Bonebrake, Ortho
    Dr. Bones, DC
    Dr. Butcher, surgeon
    Nurse Baggy, who was perpetually pregnant