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  1. by   vertigo1022
    Not as much a funny one but my wife and I were both amused.

    When I went in to apply for a job at the hospital I work at now, the HR reps name was Tim Burton. What was funnier was when during orientation he introduced our CEO, Dennis Miller.
  2. by   vertigo1022
    One more I just thought about. In nursing school in Memphis, TN, there was a girl in our class name Lisa Presley....and yes, her middle name was Marie.
  3. by   Charge205
    We had a man whos name was Semore Hiney. He was a proctogolist. I know its amusing. But its a true story. It was hard to keep a smile off your face when you said his name.
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from Arwen_U
    I used to work on a medsurg floor c two urologists -- Dr. Petrus (long 'e') and Dr. Whisnant (WHIZZ-nant). Both very very nice people.

    Also, I took our dog once to a vet named Dr. Barkley.
    My son's pediatric dentist is Dr. Petras, (long 'e') .. . . not funny I know. Just a coincidence.

    Our vet was Dr. Butcher.

  5. by   gt4everpn
    my mother works with this nurse whose last name actually is nurse, how weird, she calls her ms. nurse and i'm like ok what's her real name???
  6. by   Coldfoot
    While I was in the Army, the Chief Nurse for the ER was a man named Mike Funk. His rank, yes you guessed it, was Major. 'Yes sir Major Funk'.

    True story and a great nurse.
  7. by   emtbubba
    While I was a Nurse Extern this summer, it was customary to write the names of the RN, CNA, and Extern assigned to each patient on the marker board in each patient's room at the beginning of each shift. The CNA wrote my name with the initials N.E. after it. Upon asking, the patient was told that N.E. is short for Nurse Extern, but then later to verify she asked, "Now what does NE stand for again? Nurse Extra?"
  8. by   DMonRN
    Dr. Flamen Ball
    Dr. Kickhaut (first name "Whoopma")
    Dr. Sedabutt (pediatrics)
    Dr. Meaney (urologist)
  9. by   samiebird
    This was actually a little sign on a gastroenterologists desk:"Your diarrhea is my bread and butter!" Only a nurse,or physician can appreciate the humor in that!
  10. by   crissrn27
    Can't remember if I posted this or not. We have a urologist in town by the name of Dr. Whisnaut. No kidding, he is a great doc, but for some reason his name just cracks me up.

    ETA: I see Arwen has beaten me to it! We live in the same area, BTW, so it is for real!
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  11. by   birdgardner
    There's a Dr. Mirza here - say it out loud.
  12. by   FranEMTnurse
    I had a teacher by the name Mrs Weinkoop. We called her Mrs Crotchkooper.

    Mrs Visscher was my third grade teacher, but I renamed her Mrs Viscious because she picked on me all the time.

    My former physician's name was Hester, but I renamed him Dr Fester. It fits the person.

    My current physician's name is Dr Pro. He definitely lives up to his name.

    My twin sister's initials when she was married to her first husband were FU, she changed her entire name after she got her divorce.

    When I was a child, our family doctor's last name was Grund. I renamed him Dr Grunt because he was a drug dealer, and got my mother hooked. That continues in my brother, and his ex and his children with the exception of 2.
  13. by   wayunderpaid
    Resident at the medical center where I work

    Dr Godown. Not kidding you. Pronounced like that go-down.