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all right. i confess! i'm a proper addict! this is a fantastic website - filled with goodies and great people. and i know that i'm not alone :) so... i challenge forum members to describe... Read More

  1. by   lamazeteacher
    204. You want to correct others' spelling, typo, and grammatical errors
    205. You wonder what this profession is becoming
    206. you wonder what's ethical about obesity
  2. by   4hana9
    I like your "(hello, my name is rehab nurse and i am an allnurses addict. ) "!!! Very cute!
  3. by   JST3
    207. i secretly browse in allnurses for articles/posts during work hours while no one is looking, and when my boss comes near me, i just click the google site.. then when he's gone, allnurses again..oops, hope i dont get busted!
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  4. by   oncnursemsn
    208. Yeah, just how did that "Ethical discussion of obesity and nurses" turn into diet/exercise/recipes thread? I've seen more suggestions for unhealthy food and diet tips....
  5. by   maggie24
    209. When you are not even in NS yet, and already you looove this site and have read the "most gross, yucky, disgusting nursing horror stories" thread from the first page . . . and laughed until you cried/cringed/cried while reading the best ones to your SO, who gets totally grossest out, which is even more motivation to keep reading . . .and you still want to be nurse
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  6. by   LEN-RN
    210. You tivo your favorite tv show because your on allnurses.com
  7. by   badphish
    211. you spend the first day of vacation reading all 188 posts to this thread.

    pls dont comment on my typos and grammar i type this way on purpose. i hate capitalization and hyphens
  8. by   lamazeteacher
    Quote from badphish
    211. you spend the first day of vacation reading all 188 posts to this thread.

    pls dont comment on my typos and grammar i type this way on purpose. i hate capitalization and hyphens
  9. by   KirriG
    212. You have keyboard imprinbts on the side of your cheeks from falling asleep because you want to check 'just one more' thread.

    213. You consider this site to be a valuable study resource, thus validating your continued dependence (and have every intention of changing that to a 'very valuable continuing education' resource when you graduate).

    214. You only clean when the piles of detritus collapse onto the clear path between the door and the computer...and then you only clear the path.

    215. You don't see the humour in "Who are these children and why are they calling me mum?"
  10. by   lindseylpn
    You just read all 30 pages of a thread and realize you allready read it, and posted on it 3yrs ago.
  11. by   Scarlette Wings
    [font="lucida sans unicode"]you know you are addicted to a nursing board:

    1. when you are so busy going back to school and working that you have not had a life of your own for years but the first thing you do when you have free time is look up your old nursing sites......

    2. when you move several states away ...... more than once.....get into a new area of nursing and you hunt down your old nursing sites because it feels like "going back home"....

    3. when you sign back in after what feels like forever and recognize names that you knew from back in the old days....

    4. when you cannot remember your old password because it was programmed into your old desktop p.c. that crashed 2 computers ago and you have to set up a new account.....

    5. when you cannot figure out paypal but you want to use your old avatar and your lost with all the new threads the site has now a days.....

    6. when you are scared to post without finding spell checker cause even with going back to school you can't spell worth a toot....

    7. when you look at all of the posts since you read last and realize you are not going to "catch up on everything in just a few hours"......
  12. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    You just signed in and three hours have passed in 30 minutes.
  13. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    lindseylpn/post #192----A-ha-ha-ha...I just went to give you kudos for this particular posting, only to discover I did so a little over a month ago! AND posted something myself. Now to add an "update"...I know I've been on the allnurses site for too lonf BECAUSE it is 3:05 AM and I just spelled "long" with an "f" instead of a "g"..............AND because I am sitting here with one eye closed so as to focus my blurry eyes better ( and because my husband just said "GO TO BED!":zzzzz

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