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I have Neurofibromatosis which caused a benign tumor on my right orbit, left breast, upper right thigh, right ankle and lower spine.

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  1. lpnstudentin2010

    Dr Oz and Aspirin

    also have been taught give asprin and never heard of your 80% would be interested where you got that statistic
  2. lpnstudentin2010


    LPN's are taught careplans in school I am currently in lpn school and do them all the time
  3. quincy college in mass doesnt have a wait list and is 2 years long (pre requs not included0
  4. lpnstudentin2010

    Consider normal or not?

    I am only a nursing student, but I feel like that is not totally out of range. Normal of 120/80. I (having clinicals in a SNF) get BP's of 140/60 120/palp (i think that is where you dont hear a beat all the way down right?) and my teacher has never b...
  5. lpnstudentin2010

    IV Gauge for CT

    I am guessing rac is right ac and lac is left ac. why would an IV in the left be useless?
  6. lpnstudentin2010

    To get the flu shot, or not to get the flu shot...

    It is not just you you need to worry about its your pts. you are more likely to carry the virus arround and make others sick if you do not get it
  7. lpnstudentin2010

    Rationale for wound packing irrigation

    I am in a 2 year part time program maybe a similar thing?
  8. lpnstudentin2010

    MidAmerica Nazarene ABSN

    The nazarene school I went to, we did have to sign a lifestyle covenent. basically saying we wouldn't smoke, drink ,so drugs, or gamble. However if someone has a problem with one of these things and self identifies and does the needed therapy at the ...
  9. lpnstudentin2010

    MidAmerica Nazarene ABSN

    350 per credit? I am looking at the excelerated. it says it is made for paramedics and lpn's and i am currently in lpn school
  10. lpnstudentin2010

    MidAmerica Nazarene ABSN

    I know people who are Nazarene and know more about it let me put out the word and see if anyone knows anyone i could put you in contact with.
  11. lpnstudentin2010

    MidAmerica Nazarene ABSN

    No. but I attend one of its sister schools eastern nazarene college in MA. ENC does not have a nursing school but I have heard very good things about midamerica.
  12. lpnstudentin2010

    Drug Test ...

    I think you are fine
  13. lpnstudentin2010

    POOP! What do I put on my nursing notes for poop?

    One of the clinics that I am a patient at (urodynamics) uses it. every appt I have I am shown the chart and asked to rate my poo
  14. lpnstudentin2010

    Sit for LPN boards even if school doesnt offer it?

    Nope. The lpn program i am in is a certificate program no degree. (this is in mass)
  15. lpnstudentin2010

    AAA painless rupture s/s in female?

    Or even maybe an ER