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Nursing and Direct Action

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So I'm a nurse and an activist. Before getting licensed I've engaged in illegal protests, actions, and demonstrations. I've been arrested for misdemeanor trespassing and several other incidents involving non violent civil disobedience. I am still very much involved in my activist communities but as someone with a lot of privilege I would like to engage in actions where I am potentially or definitely going to be arrested. Mind you all of the actions I engage in and intend to be arrested are all small misdemeanor charges. My record outside of activism is otherwise clean. I'm not interested in debating the ethics of political tactics or my choice to engage in illegal non violent forms of protest. I am interested in hearing from other nurses who are also very active and how this might impact my license. I will absolutely put my comfort and safety on the line to stand for what I feel is right, but I have more apprehension about putting my license on the line. Does the board typically care about politically motivated crimes? Any other activists out there I'd love to hear from you, especially experiences with the BON for political engagement.

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