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  1. guest1054874

    Nursing and Direct Action

    So I'm a nurse and an activist. Before getting licensed I've engaged in illegal protests, actions, and demonstrations. I've been arrested for misdemeanor trespassing and several other incidents involving non violent civil disobedience. I am still very much involved in my activist communities but as someone with a lot of privilege I would like to engage in actions where I am potentially or definitely going to be arrested. Mind you all of the actions I engage in and intend to be arrested are all small misdemeanor charges. My record outside of activism is otherwise clean. I'm not interested in debating the ethics of political tactics or my choice to engage in illegal non violent forms of protest. I am interested in hearing from other nurses who are also very active and how this might impact my license. I will absolutely put my comfort and safety on the line to stand for what I feel is right, but I have more apprehension about putting my license on the line. Does the board typically care about politically motivated crimes? Any other activists out there I'd love to hear from you, especially experiences with the BON for political engagement.
  2. So I am an LPN with one year of experience in a skilled nursing facility. I am considering corrections nursing. I care about the health and quality of life of the most marginalized and vulnerable members of our society. I believe in the health, quality of life, and rehabilitation of criminals as an alternative to our criminal justice system in a country with the highest incarceration rate and also highest rates of recidivism. I believe our justice system is unsuccessful at rehabilitating criminals and am opposed to the abuse and mistreatment of incarcerated people. I want to work in corrections to provide care for the people our society cares the least about.. people who have committed crimes. My concern is of being put in an ethically compromising situation of having to be quiet about abuse, medical neglect, and lack of power to provide quality care to those incarcerated. And if I speak up about abuse at work will I be punished for it? Will I be working with providers who don't care about the health and safety of my patients? Will I be working with police and COs who want me to keep quiet about abuse and mistreatment especially when it compromises my patients health i.e. questioning use of pepper spray or solitary as a part of advocating for my patients health? I really want to be in a position to help these people and not in a position of fighting the system to try to provide a decent quality of care to people incarcerated. If you have experience in working in this field I would be interested in hearing about your experiences.
  3. guest1054874

    Being Gay and a Male Nursing Student

    A lot of people on here are posting homophobic suggestions suggesting that you act less gay. Be yourself. You will experience homophobia in the workplace and some people will expect you to be a stereotype or 'gay best friend'. I'm queer I find yes people will judge you on your performance ultimately but you may be left feeling that you have to prove yourself in the workplace in the ways that others might not be as pressured to do so. Personally I keep to myself at work that's just my style unless I really vibe with someone. I found that more female patients didn't want my assistance more as a CNA because the care involved more personal contact. Most of your patients will be fine but may request a female nurse to straight cath or something like that. Most people don't have many gay friends and their expectations of you are based off of what they see in the media. Personally I find it annoying when people are baffled that no I don't want kids, no I don't want to get married, and no I don't want to kiki about your bf drama or guys you find attractive. I'll open up if people ask otherwise I keep to myself. Its up to you tho, shatter stereotypes and change the way the world feels about homosexuals by being yourself.
  4. guest1054874

    Are We Too PC?

    I think you should take a deep look at yourself if you are doubting marginalized groups abilities to articulate their experience accurately.
  5. guest1054874

    Dysautonomia... POTS and IST

    Metoprolol is what my cardiologist recommended but I am switching to propranolol because I have read POTS patients have better success with it. I am also tall. biski19 I understand it can be very defeating to have to deal with this and to be seemingly healthy it is easy to be written off by providers as not a serious issue since it is not life threatening. The disability that comes with POTS is said to be comparable to living with CHF or COPD. I recently suggested to my primary to have my aldosterone levels tested along with serum and urine electrolytes. My aldosterone levels were undetectable and my random serum sodium was very high at like 230 mmol/L which was written off as time of day and possibly diet but i'm gonna follow up with an endocrinologist. I was wondering if it could be an issue with regulating water and electrolytes. It sucks to be hopeful for something to be wrong but often dealing with a vague misunderstood diagnosis having answers can be relieving.

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