Nursing check-in: How are your numbers???


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Check-in: how are your in patient numbers?

  1. 1. So we are hearing about surges and frankly this forum is likely the most reliable source of real information that could tell me what I want to know.   We've heard the numbers are doubling in certain areas and that we should be concerned.  We've also heard that it's just from increased testing.  So I want to know:  how are your numbers???  How are your ICUs and covid units?   I'll start by saying that at my facility in RI we are back to some semblance of normalcy.  We were definitely full-up and almost at the panic point for intensive care staffing but thankfully never overflowed capacity. How are things where you are?

    • Very few Covid19 cases
    • Busy with Covid patients
    • Getting worried-we're filling up
    • Overwhelmed

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If you can take the time...comment with your city/state and which answer you selected.

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ladycody, BSN, RN

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RI here: very few cases: we don't have much now but were pretty badly hit before. Things are calming down here.

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Rural Minnesota. Very few cases.

MI-;Metro Detroit)

Low covid hospitalization. Our Governor Talked About Going From Stage 4 to Stage 3 of her lockdown. Thus tightening up more w/ lockdown.

Our hospital has a lot of beds available.

Kittypower123, BSN, RN

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Houston, TX - need I say more?

nursemols, ADN, BSN, RN

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It’s getting pretty messy here in Phoenix AZ. We went from one covid unit plus two icus to four covid units and two icus pretty quickly.

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On 7/4/2020 at 3:01 PM, MeganMN said:

Rural Minnesota. Very few cases.

I'm in the suburbs south of the twin cities and we are seeing very little as well.

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DFW , widespread community transmission and hospitalizations increasing daily. Not overrun per se, as we have plenty of beds, but healthcare workers are falling ill and staffing is growing and growing as an issue. We are on our fourth Covid unit at this point in time, over 150 in house.

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One of the local hospitals here has been tight-lipped about its COVID census since this madness began. But today, it shockingly reported to the media "dramatic increase" in testing, positive results, and hospitalizations in COVID patients. And now, this facility is finally hopped on the bandwagon and pleading with people to wear masks, social distance themselves, and stay home.

Elsewhere in the state, the surge is higher than high. The local nightly news just reported 19,000 cases in the past week.

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I live and work in Arizona. I'm sure everyone has seen the news re. Arizona. I also happen to work on the Navajo reservation. Which, again, I'm sure you have seen the news re. these two areas. Well, I can say most days our COVID unit is full. ICU has been dedicated to COVID pts. We have only 9 rooms for COVID pt's on our floor, 5 in ICU. Most of the time we are full. Some get sent out to neighboring hospitals because we are a small hospital w/o specialists like cardiology, nephrology, or pulmonology. Others, who are fortunate enough, we can manage on our own. Current pt. ratio is 1-2:1. We have plenty of travelers to help us out, Thank goodness! Hope you all are remaining safe!