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  1. Yes, Employer Can Require Covid Vaccine

    I know 2 people that had anaphylactic shock. Survived post vaccine. Another an autoimmune disorder developed 3 weeks after vaccine. I could tell about a few other people I know that have had reactions. I am interested in learning ...
  2. I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

    So I joined this thread, partly as an observer, to see if vax refusers could be swayed..... with evidence, professionalism, science- and now I’m more depressed than ever. The comments from those of you in healthcare are particularly te...
  3. I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

    I am sorry my post is religious. I listened to a virologist podcast that said the same as article. I
  4. I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

    It’s going to be along few months. Someone mentioned not researching vaccines. I have for 9 months. Maybe that’s my problem I know too much. Now I know the exact companies that manufactured vaccine I’ll spend additional time educating myself. At...
  5. I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?
  6. I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

    Front Page In Bold Letters. Pfizer HomePage. The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine has not been approved or licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but has been authorized for emergency use by FDA under an Emergency Use Authoriz...
  7. I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

    I have been trying to educate myself over the past 5 months bc I saw this coming. I have listened to podcast. They can be very informative. The Wire is especially interesting. Also listen to covid Question and Answer podcast. I rea...
  8. Asymptomatic, no known exposure: Should we get tested?

    Jkl33 you sound very knowledgeable. Can you share articles on patients asymptomatic and virulent tendency. Thanks in advance.
  9. Asymptomatic, no known exposure: Should we get tested?

    In the past prior to covid. They’d say if you swab a nurses nose they’d be positive for MRSA. Now they swab asymptotic people for covid. Does anyone have a medical study that shows how viralant one is asymptotic but test positive for covid? ...
  10. Masks and sore throats/sinus issues?

    Surgical mask. I get congestion/sneezing. More days In a row I work my symptoms get worse. My pcp says I’m having an allergy to mask. I take Claritin daily now. Helped subside some of the symptoms.
  11. How is covid in your area?

    We used to have 100 percent occupancy in our hospital PRE covid. Now our hospital has been around 86 percent occupant. Not many covid. April we had covid. Numbers down since April/ early May. Glad People are feeling comfortable to come to hospi...
  12. Confirmed allergic reaction to surgical mask

    Love this site bc I judgemental and give awesome suggestions
  13. Saw my pcp. I have been wheezy/chest pressure/ nasal drainage/throat difficulties My pcp says I am reacting to fibers in mask. Most people I talk to looked at me as though I had a third head or questioned me that I wear my mask in public. I honestly...
  14. Outpatient/inpatient Staff Mandated Wear Faceshield/Goggles

    Nurse SMS you are only second person who has said the same thing about claustrophobia. I thought I was alone. I am seeing my Dr this Friday for an inhaler. My question to you. Is adding the goggles to the mask. Do you feel a lot more claustroph...
  15. Our hospital system mandated if you are w/ in 6 feet of patients non-COVID or COVID face mask must be worn. I had last week off when they started the new mandate. Talked to a few nurses that prefer not wearing face mask.(steaks up and such) Curious h...