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ladycody has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CWON.

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  1. Do you think the lock downs were necessary? I personally do. We were so overwhelmed with patients and that was WITH measures in place to reduce spread. I know people, however, (including some in health-care but not those that were on the front line ...
  2. Radonda Vaught Trial

    She was reckless. Incompetence would indicate she didn't have the skills needed to do the job. She absolutely had the skills and CHOSE not to use them. She, by her own testimony, was not stressed, overtired, under pressure, a victim of short staf...
  3. Covid and Hospitals: How are things now?

    Just wanted to offer a little bit of hope in that I've seen two come off the vent and be mostly OK. One wound up with an amp... and I've no idea what other long term issues they'll be dealing with...but both were fully conversant with decent mobilit...
  4. Covid and Hospitals: How are things now?

    What is everyone seeing in your hospitalized COVID patients with regard to vaccination status? For hospitalization in general? What about specifically sever disease (ICU)?
  5. I'm Done

    1). Did you mean your comprehension? 2). The OP was saying he/she was done with the unvaccinated in her life... personal evidenced by the examples given. That does NOT equate to providing substandard care on the job. Ridiculous assum...
  6. Pushed by quacks, use of Ivermectin is poisoning people

    For as much as ivermectin has not, based on a few recent studies in India and elsewhere, been shown to impact Covid progression, I DO wish people would stop calling it a horse dewormer. It's used on humans as well and is not just a vet med. Referri...
  7. Doctor refuses to treat the unvaccinated

    This is a ridiculous comparison. It doesn't even qualify as a comparison.
  8. Doctor refuses to treat the unvaccinated

    Cardiac, diabetic, hep, HIVsmokers...none of those patients shut down surgeries, impact patient care and critical care services, and fatigue healthcare workers like Covid does in a surge. They don't fill up hospitals in ways that incapacitate the fa...
  9. COVID Vaccination Policies and HIPAA

    HIPAA keeps getting hauled out into conversations revolving around Covid vaccination policies. Can we nurses for whom understanding and agreeing to follow HIPAA is an integral part of licensure and employment in this field ...can we a...
  10. Delta Variant is Spreading Like Wildfire in Florida

    I think that there is definitely a group of people that are in doubt...for a number of reasons...and that THAT group is reachable. However I think those that believe the government is out to get them and that the vaccine is a tool for that purpose i...
  11. Anyone know how long it's taking NY to issue licenses? Applied at the beginning of's been 8 weeks and there's no way to reach out and ask a live person. (I sent one email with no response).
  12. How long for reciprocal licensure?

    Anyone know how long it's taking NY to issue licenses? Applied at the beginning of's been 8 weeks and there's no way to reach out and ask a live person. (I sent one email with no response)
  13. Question

    How problematic are esophageal strictures for anesthesia (if at all)? Problem area is higher up...can hear it at throat level...but surgeon (back surgery) says it's fine because it's not the trachea. I get the anatomy tvm...?...but wanted to hear t...
  14. COVID Misinformation/Ignorance

    I hate typos that make me look like a dope...and posts with errors I can't this one....rofl. apologies for all of the above ? Tried to just delete and it's not an option.
  15. COVID Misinformation/Ignorance

    You are certainly not alone. I have family and friends that live in the land of BS....and it's at the point where I'm willing to cut ties with many. I'm incredibly disappointed with humanity right now and it feels like a personal betrayal when thos...