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ladycody has 9 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CWON.

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  1. ladycody

    Pushed by quacks, use of Ivermectin is poisoning people

    For as much as ivermectin has not, based on a few recent studies in India and elsewhere, been shown to impact Covid progression, I DO wish people would stop calling it a horse dewormer. It's used on humans as well and is not just a vet med. Referring to it as such causes doubt and distrust in science when we don't acknowledge reality. Are people using the veterinary version?-yep...and that's a problem for sure...but we wouldn't call Augmentin a vet antibiotic if used. It's just makes the rhetoric people are listening to disingenuous...which does zero to help change people's minds.
  2. ladycody

    Doctor refuses to treat the unvaccinated

    This is a ridiculous comparison. It doesn't even qualify as a comparison.
  3. ladycody

    Doctor refuses to treat the unvaccinated

    Cardiac, diabetic, hep, HIVsmokers...none of those patients shut down surgeries, impact patient care and critical care services, and fatigue healthcare workers like Covid does in a surge. They don't fill up hospitals in ways that incapacitate the facility's ability to offer care for patients. Yes...many hospitals will go on diversion when they are busy with a VARIETY of patients...but this one virus can single handedly shutter services. The response of many healthcare workers is not always rooted in judgement but has everything to do with the moral injury and fatigue of the PEOPLE...the humans...with all their complex emotions and stressors and pain...who have dealt with this disease. And not all of them have the stamina to do it all over again. They have my compassion.
  4. ladycody

    COVID Vaccination Policies and HIPAA

    HIPAA keeps getting hauled out into conversations revolving around Covid vaccination policies. Can we all....as nurses for whom understanding and agreeing to follow HIPAA is an integral part of licensure and employment in this field ...can we all take a moment or two to make sure we understand what, exactly, HIPAA actually IS before using it in a discussion?!?!? It's frightening how many seem to have NO IDEA what the heck it is... but reference it with attitude and all sorts of incorrectly appropriated indignation. 🙄 It's embarrassing....stop it. Do some learnin.
  5. ladycody

    Delta Variant is Spreading Like Wildfire in Florida

    I think that there is definitely a group of people that are in doubt...for a number of reasons...and that THAT group is reachable. However I think those that believe the government is out to get them and that the vaccine is a tool for that purpose is not the VERY small subset that you think it is. I actually think it's MUCH larger than most people realize...at least for now. They have just mostly (with a few exceptions) gone to ground and are not readily visible to those not scrolling through off beat social media sites. My area has the small subset you reference...but there are areas of the country that have a MUCH higher percentage of that group and those areas are likely to be a red hot Covid mess at some point...case in point Florida...and there are states even more at risk come fall/Winter. Admittedly just speculation...but I have been stunned by the tenacity of this groups belief system...and rational thought plays no part in it. Really...only time will tell.
  6. ladycody

    NY nursing license by endorsement

    Anyone know how long it's taking NY to issue licenses? Applied at the beginning of May....it's been 8 weeks and there's no way to reach out and ask a live person. (I sent one email with no response).
  7. ladycody

    How long for reciprocal licensure?

    Anyone know how long it's taking NY to issue licenses? Applied at the beginning of May....it's been 8 weeks and there's no way to reach out and ask a live person. (I sent one email with no response)
  8. ladycody


    How problematic are esophageal strictures for anesthesia (if at all)? Problem area is higher up...can hear it at throat level...but surgeon (back surgery) says it's fine because it's not the trachea. I get the anatomy tvm...🙄...but wanted to hear the from someone who actually would have to deal with it (or not...will be thrilled if it's really not any sort of consideration). There hasn't been an opportunity to speak with gastro yet and it's been dilated twice so far and is acting up again...alot. Thanks in advance!
  9. ladycody

    COVID Misinformation/Ignorance

    You are certainly not alone. I have family and friends that live in the land of BS....and it's at the point where I'm willing to cut ties with many. I'm incredibly disappointed with humanity right now and it feels like a personal betrayal when those you've been close to are voicing bull or are anti mask...having big family gatherings etc.... contributing to the crap conditions that healthcare workers are dealing with. So forget strangers...I have ZERO patience there: got into the elevator with one of the maintenance guys at our hospital who asked me where my specialty bed was going and I said a patient who is mostly immobile with a temp of 101. He asked if she was covid and when I said no he said "well she will be." Couldn't help it...said "oh...you're one of those" ....with my outside voice. 🤬 He said "well they're all covid by the time they leave" and I countered with "pretty sure you're not seeing patient charts...or what disnosises and codes are entered...and I can personally tell you that they're NOT all covid by the time they leave....but we should probably stop this particular conversation now-ish...because it won't end well." He works there...sees the staff miserable and is able to talk to them..sees patients on vents...sees how busy we are...and still spreads misinformation like he has insider knowledge to confirm his BS. I could have smacked him. He took the dang vaccine though.... Yeah... you're not alone. And that little rant didn't actually make me feel better...but knowing others are in the same boat helps a bit for sure.
  10. ladycody

    Took Ibuprofen for 2nd Vaccine

    "Not to be nitpicky" Pretty sure I mentioned the provider caveat...so yeah nitpicky. The provider contingency, however, doesn't indicate any concern about taking it related to post vaccine discomfort but is a cya for anyone taking those meds for ANY reason. There have been cautions not to PREmedicate with otc to avoid muting effectiveness.
  11. ladycody

    Covid and Hospitals: How are things now?

    Yeah... update. Our hospital is now up 50% over our Spring numbers and has been holding there for almost a month...another nearby hospital has doubled their numbers...and our staffing is abysmal. 😕
  12. ladycody

    This is why we can't have nice things

    Really well said.
  13. ladycody

    Need a Compassion Tuneup?

    I am in no way suggesting that the recommendations are not valuable as presented...but WOULD suggest that there are often external factors that need to be addressed as well that are beyond the ability of nurses suffering from burnout to correct with mindfulness.
  14. ladycody

    Nurse to patient ratio on non critical covid floors

    No difference... 😞
  15. ladycody

    Covid and Hospitals: How are things now?

    We are up... not to where we were in the Spring...but we went from virtually covid free for almost 2 months to seeing it regularly again. I sadly don't think it is just a temporary blip...but am hoping with fingers and toes crossed.
  16. ladycody

    Nursing check-in: How are your numbers???

    Are there still hot spots out there?? I feel (knock on wood) lucky that we just aren't seeing it anymore.