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Telemetry, Med-Surg, Peds
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Chazzie_Made_It is a ADN and specializes in Telemetry, Med-Surg, Peds.

New Grad PCU/Tele RN. I have worked as a PCA for the last 18 years, in hospitals with settings ranging from Nephrology, Hepatology and Transplant to Orthopaedics and the Emergency Room. I start my RN-BSN program in Fall 2018.

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  1. Chazzie_Made_It

    Starting ADN Program, Will I Get Hired?

    I don't know how it is in Texas, but in Arizona every single one of my class mates (40 in all) graduated with their ADN, passed NCLEX and got a job. Some, while still in school, and others less than 5 months after graduating and passing NCLEX. Many went on to RN-BSN and RN-MSN programs. I chose ADN because it was affordable and I finished and had my ADN within 18 months. I am now working on my MSN.
  2. Chazzie_Made_It


    Yes, it's common. Our proctored grades had to be above 76% before our non-proctored grades were added.
  3. Chazzie_Made_It

    I need my instructor

    I just recently graduated (Dec. 2017) and have been working for a year now. In my program, during the final months, we were allowed to perform skills with just the assigned RN present. How can one instructor be there for every task, for every student? Seems like the students would end up missing out on so much. Not saying this is true for every student, but I know some purposely said those kinds of things, like needing the instructor, because they didn't want to do anything. They were basically there just to say they were.
  4. Chazzie_Made_It

    Helping hands for single mom scholarship-phoenix

    I was a recipient of the scholarship. I loved it! I submitted my application and forgot about it. I had already started my program when I received a call 2 months into the program. You go in for an interview, not very formal. And then if you are awarded they have you fill out a few forms. Those monthly stipends saved me and my kids more often than you would think. Overall, a very great experience. I am forever grateful for Helping Hands! I hope you are accepted!
  5. Chazzie_Made_It

    New RN Grad Need Guidance Please :()

    As a fairly new grad (8 months in) I am working in PCU, I had 12 weeks of unit orientation, I couldn't imagine doing 8 weeks. I also was always asking questions about things I was unfamiliar with. I didn't just ask my preceptor, I would ask my co-workers as well. I would ask about certain tasks I performed only once, or just to ensure my train of thought was correct re. certain things. I sometimes didn't sit down until 1am to start charting. Other times it was before midnight. Sometimes meds are late, but not so much, and hour maybe. But that was because I had to focus on other aspects of care that required my attention. There are some things that are higher on the totem pole, and I learned quickly that charting is not one of them. I hope things look up for you and there is a chance for you to transfer to a lower acuity unit.
  6. Chazzie_Made_It

    Arizona ATT

    I went to school in AZ. Graduated in December 2017, but I submitted my application 2 months before graduation. I then had to wait for the school to submit info to the board upon my graduation. After they submit my info re. graduation the board releases the ATT. I got my ATT mid January 2018. Hope that helps. I don't know how applying on-line or from a diff state affects it.
  7. Chazzie_Made_It

    Help Wanted- Asking the Night Shifters for Advice

    I am new to night shift. And I am so thankful for my preceptor that first week. I struggled those first 3 shifts. The first 2 were the worst. But after that my body got used to it. I figured out my sleeping routine. As mentioned by another I cluster my shifts, 3 in a row. I typically sleep in until 12 or 1p the first night I'm back to work. When I get off I'm up until about 8am. I then crash out until 430p. On my last night I also go to sleep right away and wake up around noon. Then I head to the gym and do all the usual stuff I need to do before crashing out around 10p. I'm back to my regular schedule for the next 3 days. It works for me. :)
  8. Chazzie_Made_It

    New Grad Feeling Insecure

    I've been working my first RN job for 5 months and I still feel out of sorts. I have been off orientation since the middle of June and my first day on my own was nerve-racking. But, I had a ton of support. My pod mate was always asking if I was okay or if I had any questions. Our charge nurse would come around every so often to check in on me. And my former preceptor was just a hallway away and made herself available for any questions I had. To this day I still have questions to ask. And I am forever thankful that my co-workers are there to help. I hope you find yourself surrounded by supportive people.
  9. Chazzie_Made_It

    time from graduation to job offer

    3 weeks after graduation. :)
  10. Chazzie_Made_It

    Pell Grant Denied... Help!

    There should be an appeal form you can fill out with financial aid. The form I filled out was a Maximum Time Frame Appeal. Also, try and apply for scholarships. There are a ton out there if your willing to put in the work of applying. I got 2 while in school. One was for the duration of the program the other was for on semester. Every lil bit helps.
  11. Chazzie_Made_It

    Where are all the calculation qs in uworld?

    Just an FYI: I took NCLEX in February 2018 and didn't get a single math/dosage questions. I asked some of my classmates and out of 14 people only 1 person got 1 question.
  12. Chazzie_Made_It

    Is it possible for a nurse to become a doctor?

    Yes, you can!
  13. Chazzie_Made_It

    Macbook Air or Macbook Pro for Nursing School?

    I used a 3 year old Acer PC for about a year of school, it was so bothersome with the constant updates, automatic shutdowns, and chrome issues. The motherboard gave out unexpectedly one day and I replaced it with a MacBook Air. Best decision I ever made! I will never go back to using a PC. My MacBook Air has been more reliable. No ridiculous updates that I cannot postpone, no random shutdowns, long lasting battery life, the list goes on and on. If you have the money, get one!!
  14. Chazzie_Made_It

    Dismissal from nursing school without failing any course

    Wow! The use of the "angry black women" stereotype to back up your argument is a cheap shot. Not surprising though, especially given how many posters are whining about the "race card". OP - if you felt discriminated against there are laws that prohibit it. Speak with legal council.
  15. Chazzie_Made_It

    Help! ? About Arizona College Mesa

    I have never attended Arizona college, and I second the others recommendation and suggest the Maricopa community colleges. Avoid the for profit schools. I worked throughout the accelerated program at Gateway. I paid for everything out of pocket and left without any student loans. The amount that for profits charge is insane! You will be doing some much of your RN wage paying it back. I took me 3 years to do my pre-read and I only waited 1 semester before I got my start date. Some people do pre-reqs in 1-1.5 years. I took them slow. I was an older student as well, I started when I was 34. Now I have a great job, good pay, and don't have to worry about how much I owe to student loans. Again, the community colleges and state Universities are more reputable. Buttt it's ultimately your choice.
  16. Chazzie_Made_It

    AZ New Grad RN

    Is relocation an option? If so Tucson and Phoenix are good areas with new grad programs. I'm not sure of anywhere else in AZ..

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