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  1. Chazzie_Made_It

    I need my instructor

    I just recently graduated (Dec. 2017) and have been working for a year now. In my program, during the final months, we were allowed to perform skills with just the assigned RN present. How can one instructor be there for every task, for every student? Seems like the students would end up missing out on so much. Not saying this is true for every student, but I know some purposely said those kinds of things, like needing the instructor, because they didn't want to do anything. They were basically there just to say they were.
  2. Chazzie_Made_It

    From NCLEX Failure to Confident Nurse

    I needed to read this today. 🙁 I failed my last semester this week and didnt get to graduate with my friends. More importantly I will have to wait to take the NCLEX. I have taken the last few days to reflect and made the decision that I need to do exactly what you said, manage my priorities! My education has to be a priority. And yes, I am humbled. I have taken my education for granted and breezed through my other semesters without any problems. I was so shocked at the end of this semester. The bottom line is that I will learn from this, I will continue on, and I hope to never lose my passion for learning - as it is ever present in nursing and the healthcare field. Thank you for you words! 💛